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Luckily I have wi-fi, and can get online from the garage. If given a choice, that is where I am. Between MLS searches, arranging marketing, and pre-viewing homes, I will try to get in a little welder time, or at least clean some of the tools from the last wrenching session.



Tomorrow is Halloween.  Don't drive.  Seriously, the scariest thing in Atlanta tomorrow will be the traffic.  It won't be bad in the morning, but coming home will NOT be fun.  After about 2:00, until around 9:00, the highways and side streets will be crazy.  It won't just be the little pirates an...
What? Only 10 posts this time? What's up, Lane?Well, I have just about caught up. After the ten I present today, the posts are from the Blog Anthology. Going forward, I will try to summarize every two weeks or so. I was just a slacker for the last few months. As we left off in the last blog antho...
I can't believe that I have had to write 7 of these. Ok, I knew how many posts I had, but until I started reading through everything to get this anthology done, it really didn't hit me how much material there was here.There is no doubt that the majority of the country is in a buyer's market. We c...
Sixth part? Yep.My "other" post on September 11th was P is for Pictures. With the importance of the internet for consumers looking for homes, the presentation is more important than ever before. Previously, I showed bad pictures... this time I went for the good ones.A lot of people on Active Rain...
Part V... will it ever end?On my "other" blog, at Active Rain, I had written a post about generating ideas for blog posts. Well, one of those ideas was to do an A-Z series. So, I did.A is for Appraisal covers the basics about Appraisals, CMAs, CMSs and BPOs. They all have different methodology, b...
Part IV. Lots of posts...This time we'll start with It's time for the IRS to GO! I'm a supporter of the FairTax, so I laid out the case in response to the news story about the guy that caught Barry Bonds' record-breaking home run. Fun, huh?If you don't know, I created a Local Real Estate Forum fo...
Part 3 of my 1,000,000 part series... If you have liked something I wrote, this will give you an little easier time finding something else that might inform or entertain you. All of these posts are tagged with "blog anthology."It might be a little dry for those outside of the profession, but Mayb...
Welcome to part 2 of my anthology of previous blog posts. The purpose is to give a quick reference to the older posts for newer readers. All of these posts are tagged with "blog anthology." If you click on that link to the right, you will get all of these posts. So, let's dive in.In Agent as Buy...
I know that in the earliest days of this blog, there weren’t many readers. And, while there are a couple more readers now, there are a LOT of old posts out there. I just wanted to provide a quick reference so that one can go through and find the posts that might be of interest. The short descrip...
I got to thinking after responding to a post, and I thought I would expand upon that and write a whole new post.  Gayle Rogers points out the drawbacks of a company website for real estate practitioners in her post Websites that Your Company Provides.  She outlines her experience with building th...

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