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Its amazing how fast life can turn around in a negative way so quickly!  With unemployment rising and many people not able to afford their mortgages, credit cards, car loans, and even groceries!  There is no doubt that even stable incomed people are still causing people to re-evaluate how they sp...
Current housing stats for Frisco Texas as of July 2008Average selling price - $308,325# of closed sales - 225Average days on the market by price range    101k - 150k      -       50151k - 200k      -       63      0 - 100k      -      NONE 201k - 300k      -       88301k - 500k      -     172501...
Six Spending Habits That Lead To DebtRoad signs are placed in strategic places for your safety. They warn you of impending danger. They urge you to slow down and be cautious or stop completely. There are some sure signs of heading toward debt too. Your spending habits may be signaling trouble ahe...
Why do some people choose to pay high amounts per lead from an online company vs. putting that large amount towards pay-per-clicks, website promotion, etc?My thought is that some people want lead sources because it is an automatic "Lead" that they know they can get quickly vs. the unknown factor ...
I started my Career as a Real Estate Agent only a short time ago (Nov. 07) and knew from the beginning that it would be tough to succeed with the market the way it was.  With my 6 years of knowledge on the mortgage lending side, I felt confident about what I was getting myself into and knew the p...
What is with all the negativity everywhere I go about the real estate market?  We are all a part of the negative attitude that has spread like wildfire throughout the country.  The question is, are you a part of the problem or the solution?When you are standing in line at a grocery store, bank, a...
When looking for a home, a potential buyer is always trying to get the best deal one of the largest investments of their lives.  A buyer typically asks "how do I get the most for my money" or another question in today's market is "I want to buy a foreclosure".  Today's marketplace, though rough n...

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