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Nobody knows the lake like Lane, and no office offers better customer service!
I loved our little guy from the minute I knew he was on the way.  I didn't even know he was a boy yet.  I babysit a few times a month and I see him when I can otherwise.  He's a lot of work, but he's such a joy. With my own little one 30 years old now it's been amazing to be around a baby again. ...
Either way the clock moves it generally is not a healthy effect on my body and mind. When I travel I typically stay on eastern time in my sleep pattern and my auto clock.  Of course you don't really have an option not to change your smart watch and phone.  Although DST was for farming originally ...
Fur... today I want to talk about the fur in my life I'm grateful for. The live kind with paws.  I recently had a sick day.  It was about 5 or 6 years ago since my last sick day.  First I am a well person and secondly I don't let little stuff keep me down, if I have work to do I can generally get...
From the start on ActiveRain my blog has been a true mixture of me... the person and me.... the broker. I am in this business as a result of a real awful boss at my last job... in fact... My first "grown up" job was the Principal's secretary at a middle school here in Putnam County.  To this day ...
Our little dude had his first cold.  As if that wasn't bad enough he shared.  No one in our family escaped the germs. To make matters worse I had the worst migraine of the past decade on Wednesday.  I simply could not go to work. I managed to let my dogs out in the morning, get them fed and calle...
It was originally scheduled for September, but postponed until October 3, 2018 so today you can expect to get a text in the afternoon at around 2:18 p.m. on the east coast. FEMA is running a test on a new system.  It will work much like the Amber alerts you may have already had on your phone for ...
I'm a little late getting this post written for August.  It's nearly time to write September's.  But the good news is that the reason is we are really busy still.  Currently have six contracts and five of them are on Lake Sinclair.  However, let's take a look back at August.We had 32 homes close ...
It was a fender bender.  We were in town and stopped at a traffic light waiting for the "arrow" to signal we could turn left when the car across from us began to roll forward (not really speed, but like taking off from a stop when the light turns green), but she didn't maintain her lane, almost r...
I can't say that at some point I didn't sort of hope one of our children would want to get into real estate.  Nope. Just didn't happen.  However I did know from the time she was a wee little girl that my daughter would end up in the medical profession helping people. While most little girls were ...
Most of the time when I write a post about marketing I will preface it with "this is my opinion and what works for me" because I realize that not all things work for all people.  But for the love of all that is good in this world, NEVER ever buy Facebook likes.  I had a conversation with a a fell...

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