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Loving Lake Anna even on gray days is easy if you see the beauty that I see. Maybe the bright, sunny days just seem brighter and sunnier in comparison but I think it is more than that. WATCHING THE STORM COME ACROSS LAKE ANNA One day recently we were down on our dock. It was a typical pleasant su...
Combo lock your sellers realize the risk? Yes, I really believe there is a risk involved when using combination lock boxes. Often out of area agents that list homes here at Lake Anna will use combination lock boxes because they do not belong to the same association that we do and there...
TEN THINGS FROM THE PAST Just when I was wondering what new contest would be announced I read Margaret Rome's entry for a fun one.  What We Have in Common, Getting to Know Each Other Better is the contest and I hope to see you all enter. I don't like the word stupid (it makes me cringe) and never...
My constant companion...e-books. Although I am a book lover and when I say books I mean printed books, the old-fashioned kind. I had no desire for a Kindle or any other type of e-book reader but my husband did not know that. All he knew was that I love books and I buy books so he surprised me wit...
Even a waterproof camera needs some help...especially if you drop it in Lake Anna. Knowing this I realized that purchasing my Fuji FinePix XP2000 was not enough. I needed something that would help it float. I chose the waterproof float made by Chums which is now attached to my camera. It is not e...
My new toy, I mean tool is a camera but not any old camera. This one is supposed to be safe even if I drop it into Lake Anna. Now why would I do a thing like that? Well, I might not do it intentionally but it sure can happen accidentally. True I have not dropped a camera into the lake but I have ...
Lake Anna is great for kayaking...So great that my kids are urging me to do it. So far I have not but I am really tempted and have been looking at kayaks. My son, Marc, is enjoying the sport as are other members of our family. Everyone that has tried it loves it and wants to continue doing it.  M...
Where's the best spot at Lake Anna?  Through the 18 years that I have been selling here I have been asked that question over and over again. My answer has not changed through the years. Early on I discovered the answer to that one and I share it with everyone that asks. What is it? Well, it is ve...
Charlie Brown now lives at Lake Anna. There was a time he lived elsewhere but a little more than two months ago I gave into my desire for another dog. The dog was to be my husband's sidekick because we already had Lindy who seemed to favor me. Of course Lindy was glued to Jim when I was not home ...
Lake Anna Buyers and you know about our referral system? That's right, REALTORS® around the world have a referral system that we all honor. It was put in place to make it easy and yet benefiicial for REALTORS® to help friends and family find a fellow REALTOR® in another location. By ...

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smartphone(540) 226-1964
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