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Enjoy a night out at Lake Anna and on top of that you will be supporting a wonderful organization.  Volunteers contribute an amazing amount of their own time to be there in case you or I need help.  This is a great way to show our appreciation. If you're not excited about the prospect of dancing ...
Winter at Lake Anna can be wonderful as well.  Without a doubt we enjoy the scenery here during the spring, summer and fall.  But what about during the winter?  Hopefully this photo will show you what I enjoy even during the winter months. Although the days are shorter with that comes the soft lg...
Sellers...Don't keep prospective buyers in the dark.  I just finished reading (and commenting) on a blog by a great Colorado REALTOR, Belinda Spillman. She covered the importance of having lights on in your home when it is being shown to prospective buyers. That made me think of another helpful t...
It's time to go shopping for your Lake Anna home.  Are you thinking that perhaps it is too early in the year to be thinking of all the fun you can have with your own lake house?  It is never too early to get started.  Perhaps you will be one of the fortunate ones that finds just the right spot so...
Do you ever become discouraged with real estate?  Hopefully the answer is no but the reality is probaby yes.  It has happened to me.  No doubt it has happened to you. It is easy to believe, when on a roll, that it will continue forever and ever.  It doesn't always.  In fact, it really does.  Real...
Lake Anna an office with a view is the next best thing to a home with a view of the lake.  Fortunately I am lucky to have both.  Since returning to Dockside Realty over two years ago I've had the opportunity to work from an office with a view of Lake Anna.  My office is at the back of our buildin...
Does luck come into play in your real estate career? After reading a post by a fellow member in which she mentioned that luck did not have anything to do with her success I remember thinking that I looked at it a little differently. I still feel that way so decided I would write this about my tho...
The fall season is showing us that it is definitely here but there are still days that seem like summer.  When we have those days it is the perfect time to once again get out on the lake.  The wonderful thing is that days like this come along quite frequently.  Now that's not to say they will all...
In farm country there is such a thing as "barn raising".  Well, at Lake Anna we have our own thing.  It is called "boat shelter raising" and right now we have one going up at our waterfront.  It has been fun to watch.  Actually it was fun deciding on what I wanted...EVERYTHING.  That's not really...
Loving Lake Anna...once again.  I don't know if I ever thought, 20 years ago when we moved down here, that I would love Lake Anna as much as I do.  For a perso that had never spent more than eight years in one home it amazes me that I have had such a sense of contentment being in one place for so...

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smartphone(540) 226-1964
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