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Queens Real Estate Market Update, What to Expect in 2017 – and Thoughts For Planning!By Helen Keit – The Keit Team at Keller Williams Realty Landmark Key Points:* Interest rates have been held artificially low for years and now with this first increase since last December, the Fed is indicating t...
Does Culture Contribute to Your Professional and Personal Happiness?By Gloria SchmittKeller Williams Realty Landmark Each morning I begin my day at 5AM; I get out of bed, say a quick affirmation and get myself ready for at least an hour long commute to the office.   Recently, colleagues, friends ...
By Joseph Sica & Lisa Pucar                  What it means to work at Keller Williams goes beyond any amount of money or materialistic items that one can acquire. The friendships and relationships developed have created a foundation for new goals and opportunities. The rare ability to be trained ...
4 Steps to Breaking a Bad HabitBy Ciara Sullivan If someone were to ask you what your biggest barrier to success is, what would you say?  While we all may have different answers to that question, I feel pretty confident that we may all share a common theme: bad habits.   Whether you’re looking fo...
Do You Wake Up Each Day With Your End Goal in Mind?By Gloria SchmittKeller Williams Realty Landmark Last week I attended a workshop at Keller Williams Realty Landmark hosted by a top national speaker, Naeem Mahmood, on behalf of the Tony Robbins Peak Performance Workshop.   The intent of the work...
Conquer Your Weekby Joseph Sica       We tend to look forward to the weekend as if it will last an eternity, a paradise filled with happiness and bliss no matter your plans; compared to the struggles that transpire during the week. They are the Lamborghini’s, the hover-boards, the Keller Williams...
4 Apps That Will Help You Become A Morning PersonBy Ciara Sullivan If your alarm clock looks anything like mine, I would bet that you’re a chronic snoozer.  If you are, you’re not alone.  I have an intense love-hate relationship with my snooze button…it was an evil invention if you ask me.  Howev...
Are Distractions in Your Life Getting in the Way of Achieving your Goals?By Gloria SchmittAs a wife, mother of two and Chief Operating Officer of Keller Williams Realty Landmark, I completely understand both the importance of, as well as, the challenges we face every day when it comes to time man...

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