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Get the latest information on all things real estate for the Lewiston/Auburn area of Maine as well as events and attractions in the area. Search the Maine MLS and find out about Lewiston/Auburn are home prices.



Yes, the most interesting story on the local news here in Central Maine was about a celebriity chicken! With low crime rates, low stress, and a great sense of fun, our local news doesn't have that much tragedy to report.  I just had to share this fun story about LC (short for Last Chicken) who ha...
Tear it down, or spend a kazillion dollars renovating the space? The City of Lewiston Maine has long struggled with ideas for what to do with the Bates Mill No. 5 building.  Much of the city center has been undergoing a revival over the past ten years.  This landmark remnant of Lewiston's textile...
While driving around to showings and checking on listings this week, I had the pleasure of passing by several homes in the Lewiston/Auburn area that had been vacant.  Some were foreclosures, some short sales, and others simply abandoned by their previous owners for various reasons. To me, there i...
Ah, New Year's Day and the time to pull out those famous (or infamous) resolutions.  I've known people who seem to do very well with resolutions.  For some they provide that extra nudge of motivation to keep growing and achieving.  Awesome! However, for the rest of us, there are times when making...
Yes, interest rates are so low right now, it seems like money is on sale! Home buyers who had been hesitating are getting busy looking at homes, making offers, and buying.  After a bit of a slow down this past October and November, the Maine real estate market started hopping right after Christma...

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