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Every day I get the emails.  Blogs with extremley compelling subject lines, "Why a seller could loose everything and it's your fault", "Banks are giving loans to street people", and titles that make you stop working to read.  I consider myself a work in eternal progress.  I'll never be done and I...
When Aliso Viejo Real Estate Real Estate turned south a few years back the term “Short Sale” was a new concept to people who were not real estate professionals. Now, five years later it’s rare to come across a buyer or seller who is not familiar with the term. I think it’s safe to say that everyo...
Do you get your Real Estate Information from the Newspapers?  Do you watch the evening news to get caught up on home sales and values?   That sounds reasonable if you want yesterday’s information.  Journalism is about reporting the Who, What, When, Where, and why, not the Now, and Tomorrow.   Isn...
Know the value of the home When I say the “value of the home” I mean the value the Bank is going to accept.  This is actually a range.  Know the high value, and the low value.  This is important because the bank is going to approve the short sale price based upon the comparison analysis method of...
Of course, if the house is made of wood.  The real question should be, “How bad is the termite problem”?   If you’re buying a house the next question will be, “Who is paying to get rid of them”?  The first question can be answered by obtaining a professional termite report.   An inspector walks a...
Great question, especially if you’re interested in buying the house and it’s probably not the right question.  They should be asking, “Is it going to slide down the hill after I buy it?” On many Aliso Viejo Listings, Laguna Niguel Listings, and Laguna Beach Listings the main attraction is the vie...
With the Holidays in full swing and most people in the giving spirit I've taken some time to think about the way I do business.  I decided a long time ago that I would always give my customers what they need, regardless of whether it generates business for me or whether or not they like what I ha...
The past few years have been very hard in Real Estate.  Many agents have been forced to change careers and although I have sympathy for those who haven't lasted I do like the outcome of this herd thinning.  I've found that most of my dealings this past year were with very professional agents.  It...
Ever gotten this question?  I went to High School in the early 90's in Orange County California.  Aliso Viejo Homes didn't exist.  It's hard to find Realtors and Engineers my age in Orange County California, and I believe it is because of the 90's recession.  All my friend's parents who were real...
Once or twice a week I receive a phone call from an seller that sounds something like this,   "Hello Keith, I have a problem.  Your title search (property profile) is showing this house as a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom 900 square foot house.  I've been to the property and it is clearly a 3 bedroom, 2 b...

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