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Coming from an automotive finanacing background, I am a big leasing advocate - especially in our chosen professions.  I realize this may be too much information for some and perhaps a bit boring, but I do get asked this question fairly often. So, how do they come up with the lease payment?  It is...
Thank you for reading and replying to this post. I am located in th 'Apple Capital of the World', Wenatchee, WA which is more or less in the middle of the state between Seattle and Spokane.  We have a good size growing community and seem to be lucky enough to be in an appreciating market. I have ...
Simply put, your income does not affect your credit score.  Whether you make 30k per year or 200K - you may share the same scores. So that opens up the question - "What are the factors that affect my score?" Here they are: 35% is based on your payment history for both old and new accounts. 30% is...
We are actively seeking captains and participants for the Relay for Life of 2008.  Information can be found at for Life is an American Cancer Society fundraiser with over 3.5 million participants worldwide who help raise money for cancer research and are commi...
I am the Online / Technical Chairperson for the Relay for Life of Chelan and Douglas County, WA., set to take place in May of 2008.  This is an American Cancer Society sponsored event.Our event is set to kickoff October 18th form 6:00 to 9:00 PM at the Red Lion Hotel in Wenatchee.  The kickoff is...
You've all hear the news by now.  There has definitely been a change to mortgage lending, but is it really that bad?Nearly every day, I receive a call from clients or business partners asking "How does this affect me?"  My answer?  It doesn't.  My business partners tell me, "this banker or loan o...
This seems to be a question that I hear very often.  Here are a few tips:For most homeowners, the monthly housing costs should run no higher than 28% of your gross annual income - this is commonly referred to as the 'front end' debt ratio.  This payment would include the principal and interest am...
Anyone who has been watching the media withing this last week saw some big changes in the mortgage industry, including the all of a large national mortgage lender - but then again, we all like placing our loans twice, don't we?  If we are lucky, we won't have to do it a third time. You can read a...
Is this the start of a trend?My inbox is full today - mostly with subprime lending news.  Do to market conditions, lenders are starting to drop their 2 year adjustable programs and extending them to at least three years.I have heard many different reasons.  Lack of profit, lack of time to build e...
Finally back to business and the blog with a little advice for those of you thinking about uprading to Vista.MAKE SURE YOUR LOS SUPPORTS IT.  Most don't, and I found that one out the hard way.  Our company is moving from Genesis to Encompass.  Genesis is absolutely supported with Vista and Encomp...

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