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One of my favorite website applications ever has to be I probably use it every single day at least once, and would be one of the sites I'd choose if asked, "Kim, if you only had five websites to take with your on a desert island, what would they be?" Did I mention Picnik is free? (I h...
Announcing to you Real Estate Bar Camp in Philadelphia !Wednesday, May 27th   What the heck is Bar Camp you ask? Well, if you've been around ActiveRain for long enough - you probably have run across someone's post here and there - but to sum it up: "RE Bar Camp is an ad-hoc gathering born from th...
Downingtown, PA is Turning 150 I saw the sign on Pennsylvania Avenue near the gazebo, "Volunteers needed for Downingtown's Sesquicentennial Celebration. Call 610-269-0344." I'd seen it for a couple of days, and finally decided this was something I needed to be involved in. I was born in West Che...
I had the lucky pleasure of attending Real Estate Bar Camp in Fredericksburg, VA this week. It's not only because I liked spending 4 hours there and 4 hours back with John Lauber in the car.... but I respect so many of the people at the Virginia Association of Realtors (Ben! Jovan! ) and Real Est...
Isn't it fun when you learn different "fun" things about people? Here is a photo I'm using with permission from the self-photographer......  any guesses at who this might be ? Here are some hints of what I learned about this friend ......  He is a determined running REALTOR(R) who didn't let the ...
Play it Forward with Akoha If you follow me on Twitter,  you know that I enjoy connecting with people both IRL (in real life) and in the Social Media realm. Akoha Playing it Forward game is a way to connect "real life" connections (even quick ones) to an "online" one. Andy Kaufman, East Bay Fore...
Compare the Market Statistics for Chester County Real Estate over the past 12 months. This information is taken from the information provided by TReND and is deemed reliable but not guaranteed. For a personalized report of the Real Estate Activity for your area, email Kim for a copy via email. Pr...
Chester County PA School Districts Chester County, PA is compromised of 12 Public School Districts. They are spread out around Chester County and include many schools in each district. You can find the school calendars, school football schedules, school basketball schedules, school sports schedul...
Guest post by Jesse Herman of the Mesothelioma Cancer Center   Asbestos Removal and Greener Alternatives There are many things to consider when remodeling or purchasing an older home. Homes built before 1980 have the strong likelihood of containing asbestos. Due to a steady progression of technol...
  Sometimes.... it just takes words to bring you back to some fun memories: When Harry Met Sally Breakfast on the Roof? Museums we pass Flask NYPD has words with someone in our party Newlyweds at The Paramount #A Group Tattoo Glove Swapping An extra subway stop Penn Station Tears Chocolate & Car...


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