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We stopped at a For Sale By Owner Home near our office. We got talking with the owners and decided to help them. They needed to do a short sale. The home was unattractive on the outside. It had 0 curb appeal. The inside was ok. We priced it to sell. I hesitate to put the price ($34000) (not that ...
We had a bank approval at 121,900, a buyer (not ours) and an inspection. The inspection read "recommend further testing for chines drywall". There were pictures. The buyer walked. He had young children. We believed there was no Chinese drywall and had 2 inspections done to our satisfaction indica...
Hi Whomever!I really want your opinion. Based on my blogging track record, I won't get it, but here goes anyway. I think I am funny, but my wife keeps telling me to cut it out. In our newsletter my wife and daughter are trying to seize editorial oversight. I made a comment about being in the lotu...
We don't quit. We never do. Well maybe once, rarely. not this time, Never. You be the judge. We were referred to a short sale listing. It was a nice home. 3/2/2 + pool in decent shape. We priced it and found our own buyer who fell in love immediately, wrote an offer, and canceled it within 24 hou...
Hi All We picked www, as our domain name and use point2NLS as our web host. The name comes up every so often and must be renewed/ This year we got a notice and I looked at it briefly and handed it to my wife to pay and submit. Next thing I get a notice thanking me for swit...
Hi Whomever!I am referring to my wife, me and me. I do want to relay my experience with the Equator website. When I was invited to post a listing on, I thought I had arrived. Every time I think I have arrived, I am usually leaving. I must be more careful of my thoughts. However, I am ...
We're doing a survey for our newsletter. Here is what we're thinking!There are 3 Choices1-Reparation 2-Affirmative Action 3-American Disabilities Act of 1990 We're awarding a $25 gift certificate to one of the responders (active rain) + 4 in our newsletter. Names will be drawn from "the hat." Yo...
We have learned mostly through our experience. Lately we have been involded with offers that we have little to no experience with. I logged into Active Rain went to the search space at the top of my home page and typed in VA Mortgages. I spent about one hour copying data, pasting it to a word do...
I decided some time ago I really like the relationship approach. I want people to know what I am up to. I don't mind them knowing I'm a little strange, So are they. so are you. So watch it, buster. I find humor in a lot of things. I find humor in people who don't find me humorous. I started sendi...
We entered a listing and have narketed it as a short sale. We have an offer and packaged up the paperwork, faxed it to the lender, verified it was received and then went through a process of waiting for the negotiator to agree or not on the price. We had requested the buyer be realistic and they ...

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