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We meet again.  So, are you feeling pretty fabulous now that your junk drawer is clean and the pantry is organized?  I'll go ahead and say it, I do!  I always feel better when my home is in order.  Today I spent less than 15 minutes on our task, clearing the kitchen counters.I have a terrible hab...
Get your house ready to sell in just one project a day.  Can it be done?  I think so.  But then again, it's only day two!  Yesterday I let you take a peek inside my kitchen junk drawer.  Since you are here reading, we must be two of a kind!  As promised today is the day we tackle our pantry!  The...
How irritating is it to have a REALTOR come into your house and start pointing out all the things you need to do before you list the place for sale?  You know that you need to declutter and get organized.  You know what needs to be done, it's not like you've never watched HGTV for heaven's sake. ...
It's the same sequence of events in my house every morning.  Alarm, wake up teenager (first attempt), turn on TV, make the coffee, feed the dogs, turn on the computer, wake up teenager (second attempt).  I'm sure you have your own list of things you do every morning without fail.  For me, there i...
Have you ever taken one of those organization quizzes in a magazine?  I have.  Always the same result.  Sure, they may have different cute catchy labels but it all means the same thing.  I'm a closet clutterbug!  I own it.  On the surface it appears that everything has a place.  But look behind t...
We have a tremendous amount of technology right at our fingertips.  As real estate professionals, we have to multi-task to survive.  We can be out showing property to a buyer while emailing an offer to a seller from our phone.  All without ever touching a piece of paper.  Negotiations are bantere...
According to my trusty and dusty Edmond Yellow Pages, circa 2008 (I was doing some spring cleaning and found the old relic in a cabinet) there were over 60 real estate companies listed in the Edmond area that year.  In the past three years, more than a few have faded into the sunset (we won't nam...
Have you ever felt like you were working for peanuts?  Like maybe you were giving your services away for nothing in return?  Or maybe, you passed on potential business because you didn't think it would be worth your time.  You don't have to be working in the real estate field to have experienced ...
The Oklahoma City Spring Remodel and Landscape Show begins today at the Cox Convention Center downtown.  The show will run through the entire weekend (March 11-13).  Exhibits will include the latest designs and trends for both inside and outside your home.  Considering selling your house in Oklah...

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