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Here are some critical updates on the pass-through entity tax (PTET), which has recently become the rule in most states rather than the exception. The PTET enables owners of pass-through businesses, such as S corporations and multi-member LLCs, to navigate around the $10,000 annual limit on state...
I am bringing to your attention a crucial aspect of business tax deductions: mileage logs. In most court cases, taxpayers lose vehicle expense deductions because they cannot present a credible business mileage log. The IRS code forbids deductions for vehicle expenses when taxpayers cannot prove t...
If you’re a small employer (fewer than 50 employees), you should consider the Qualified Small Employer Health Reimbursement Arrangement (QSEHRA) as a good way to help your employees with their medical expenses.If the QSEHRA is indeed going to be your plan of choice, then you have three good reaso...
If you own your own business and operate as a proprietorship or partnership (wherein your spouse is not a partner), one of the smartest tax moves you can make is hiring your spouse to work as your employee. But the tax savings may be a mirage if you don’t pay your spouse the right way. And the ar...