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In a recent video based on NAR statistics, the biggest fear with first time buyers was the paperwork involved in doing so. I for one, would have never thought- Having that implemented in my mind, I thought I would pass on some thoughts I have in being a Realtor, on the psyche of a potential buyer...
The thought came across my mind the other day about how the topic of this blog is sometimes lost in this crazy world we live in. For instance, when we meet someone and say "How are You?" do we really listen to the reply? Or "have a great day!" do we mean this in sincerity or do we just say it? I'...
The other day in the office/ one of my co-agents said these words. Funny, I never heard in all the 14 yrs of doing this, this expression! Boy, aint it the truth though! Case in point, just a few happenings as of late to me that proves the theory.  I always make it a point to wear my name plate ev...
In a closing yesterday, I experienced one of the happiest #Buyers I have ever had the opportunity to work with! She was estatic that on her final document sign, she was a homeowner-  :)  This excitment rubbed off on everyone in the room.....and even with the heavy rain occuring outside, the happi...
Realtors tend to work with all kinds of buyers, but probably the most prominent isFirst Time Buyers. I personally enjoy this type of buyer the most, I have to say! Below based on my experience are some thoughts- They are in need of a thorough explanation of the process They sometimes can get frus...
This question has been poised to Realtors, more so in recent yrs, since the happening of the mortgage crisis a while back. I always concur that yes, the lenders are more scrutinizing, but then again shouldn’t they b? Clients are getting mortgage money to purchase, and the hearsay of that is not ...
We have all had the experience of a combating a seller on the correct List price of their home. They think its worth X and you show them the comparative sales in the area depicting a value of Y.  Being in the business for over 13 yrs, I have recently run across my FIRST listing that I really need...
A Latin expression meaning "time flees" or more commonly know as "time flies." This topic came to mind this past week as I married off my Daughter at the ripe age of 25- it is a memory that will be with me for the rest of my natural life! I think where did 25 yrs go? Funny when u think, a quarter...
One of the age old questions in real estate is can an #Open House be beneficial to selling a home that a realtor has listed? My position as a 14 yr “veteran” as they say, is YES. Does it happen often/ no….but- A #realtor‘s responsibility to their#Seller is to expose the home to as many potential ...
Ok, time to be a little boastful on the topic of my Profession and the individuals in it called Realtors. To be in this Biz called #real estate U need to have the personality trait of a person that likes to help persons! Case in point, we r one of a kind being that we answer the phone at 10:00pm ...

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Author Bio: Kevin Green is a Full Time Realtor approaching his beginning of his 13th yr in the business and is a Co owner of a Horse Boarding & Riding Facility in Meriden,CT- Rosehaven Stables, LLC.

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