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Voting time is here! If you haven't voted yet, go do it. NOW! Lines are getting longer every day. I just want to take a second to give you my thoughts on the election, the coming years and what I see in the future. We can all admit that this election is a little different than in the past. There'...
It's been years since I watched Saturday Night Live. Many years. I believe that the last funny sketch they did involved Blue Oyster Cult, Will Ferrell and a Cowbell. That was funny because it was just plain ridiculous. Other than that you have to go back to the Samurai Butcher and a Land Shark to...
  [steps on soapbox] Ladies and Gentlemen...I come to you today with a plea. A plea on behalf of all successful, career Realtors. A plea for all of you to help those of us that actually want to work and be successful in our careers to lend us your hand. Please, when you take a listing (a listing ...
Well....not everything.   Late last night I put together a quick email about some investment opportunities and sent it to my database. After I sent it, I realized that I made a typo in the subject. Instead of "Commercial" I typed "Commercia". It's a little thing, but not to me.   I take great pri...
  Marshall Crawford 1914-2008 WWII and Korean War Veteran   We love you and miss you Grandpa. You had an amazing 94 years. Thanks for being you. We'll miss you and see you soon.
While I've found myself pretty successful in marketing and selling high-end homes, I'm always looking to better myself and think outside the box.   Personally, I've had incredible luck with open houses. Both traditional and unique. I've held two evening open houses/wine tasting events. Neither ha...
No matter where you're located, you're in a down market. I'm lucky. Being in San Antonio, we've avoided the bubble burst and sales have just stagnated a bit. Regardless, it's not like it was 3 years ago when you could walk outside and have a buyer fall out of the sky and hit you in the face. It t...
  Steve Heflin's Parade of Homes Masterpiece is now available!! This Hacienda Style Estate incorporates artifacts and architectural pieces from Europe, Old Mexico and Texas to bring you the very best in quality, style and elegance. The home sits on one landscaped acre and backs to Leon Creek. Un...
While I hate getting into politics, I'm shocked at how few people know who is representing them in their state government. Here's a handy little tool that'll help.
Roberto Kenigstein's masterpiece is available again. This amazing Parade home truly complements the surrounding landscape with its old-world architecture adorning the contours of Leon Creek. The estate sits on almost 2 acres and was created to overlook the spring-fed creek from the many balconie...

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