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Having recently lost my sweet boy Harley, I have been very in-tuned to the things peopled say about dogs, cats and companion pets in general. Following is my list of things that I don't think should ever be uttered to a animal lover, in this case a "Dog Lover".1. “Oh, Your Dog Died? Well, Get Ano...
Yes I do know that it is Christmas, but doesn't this recipe for Salmon Croquettes sound too good to wait for? Of course it does!Salmon Croquettes1 can of salmon1 bunch of green onion diced1 egg beaten1/4 cup bread crumbs1/4 cup cornmeal1 teaspoon of salt1 teaspoon of pepper1 teaspoon of garlic po...
On December 1st, Palm Realty  moved into our new home in Indialantic Florida. The Palm Realty  model is quite different from anything else that is presently offered to agents in Brevard County. Palm Realty  is a full service, boutique real estate company that offers experienced agents a totally n...
After several postponements of the Atlas V rocket launch from Cape Canaveral, the launch finally  happened today at 4:44pm. The ISS is receiving much needed supplies, a medallion blessed by the Pope, fresh fruit and Christmas presents for all 6 members on the International Space Station are inclu...
Well, perhaps the third time is a charm as they say. Yesterdays launch of an Atlas V rocket from Cape Canaveral was again postponed due to weather. The rocket is a commercial re-supply launch to the ISS and includes such things as scientific experiments, food and Christmas presents for the crew o...
Well it has happened again. Today's Atlas V launch from the Cape was scrubbed due to high winds. The launch has been re-scheduled for tomorrow with the launch window of 30 minutes opening at 5:10pm. The weather gods may be on a tear again tomorrow as we are only seeing a 30% chance of the launch ...
Yesterday I had to make one of the hardest decisions ever. I had to say good bye to one of the sweetest dogs ever to have been born, my boy Harley. Harley was a puppy mill dog that I adopted 6 years ago when he was 3. He had epilepsy and because of the seizures and the damage they do, he wasn't t...
The rocket launch that was planned for today, Thursday December 3rd was postponed due to weather. The launch of the Atlas V rocket has been rescheduled for tomorrow Friday the 4th of December. The launch window will open at 5:33pm. Unfortunately there is only a 30% chance of the launch actually t...
It is now the time of year where many people open their hearts, and their wallets in the spirit of Christmas. But here's a question for you. Do you really know where your charitable dollars are going to?  In simpler terms, if you give $100 to your favorite charity, what percentage of that $100 ac...
In the 20+ years that I have been a Real Estate Broker, it absolutely amazes me at the mediocrity that I see in the photography of some people in this business. In some instances mediocrity is a kind  term. What surprises me even more is that some Sellers actually accept  that mediocrity and don'...

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