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This is THE place to learn about not only all things having to do with real estate, but also all the dynamic, exciting things the Florida Lifestyle on the beautiful Space Coast in Brevard County, Florida has to offer! Please let me know if you have any questions or issues you would like to know about!



I have always been one of those people that tape whatever I want to watch on TV so that I can play it later and fast forward through the commercials.Well just by chance when I was watching TV this evening, I got a phone call and miss forwarding through one group of commercials.  Boy am I glad I d...
I worked an incredibly long day yesterday, what with showings and an afternoon inspection, I got home last night and needed to write an offer straight away.  My Yorkies were SO  happy when I got home.  This got me thinking about dogs and why they are so wonderful to live with.Following is my  Top...
I saw a story on the news about a 13 year old Siberian Husky named Sylvie that fell through the ice on a lake in Boston.  I can't imagine how Sylvie must have felt when she realized what had happened to her.  Terror would probably be a good start!  As many of you know, I love animals and have Yor...
Have you ever wondered what to do with leftover rice?  Wonder no more!  Here is a great and tasty use for it! Rice PuddingIngredients1/4 teaspoon salt1 cup medium grain rice3 large egg yolks2 1/2 cups whole milk2 1/2 cups half and half2/3 cup packed dark brown sugar2 teaspoons vanilla extract1/2 ...
Now doesn't THIS look yummy!  I love cauliflower!                          Balsamic & Parmesan Roasted Cauliflower     INGREDIENTS 8 C  Cauliflower Florets 2 tsp Extra-virgin Olive Oil 1 tsp Dried Marjoram 1 tsp Salt 1/4tsp Freshly Ground Pepper to taste 2 tbsp Balsamic Vinegar ½ C Finely Shredde...
I recently spoke to a man whose parents wanted to buy a home here in Brevard County.  Mom and Dad live in the Bronx and had come down this past summer to buy their retirement home.  According to their son, they had found a home and went under contract on it.  However, after they had done their in...
                                                                               Even though we are coming out of a tough recession, but I’ve been thinking that I will most likely retain many of the cost saving measures that I adopted when times got lean in an effort to put a few more dollars in th...
I recently wrote a blog about my friend Stephanie loving chicken wings.  Well so do I, and Long Doggers Radically Relaxed Grill & Brew has the BEST garlic teriyaki wings going!  There are several specials that Long Doggers has during the week.  But in my opinion my favorite by far is the Monday n...
                                                                         I recently moved into a home that is in Indian Harbour Beach Florida.  Indian Harbour Beach is on the barrier island on the Atlantic coast or the "Space Coast" of Florida.  Locally, living here on the island is called living...
After being in real estate for over 20 years, I think I can safely say that there isn't much in this business that I haven't seen.  I've shown houses at 3:00pm in the afternoon where dishes from the dinner the night before were still on the dining room table, dirty with crusted spaghetti sauce al...

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