Our building was just evacuated and a few Fire Trucks showed up.  Of course I thought of a Wordless Wednesday opportunity.  False alarm, everyone is ok and back at it. Big shout out to all the brave Firefighters that protect us every moment of every day!  
My wife and I killing time before our Italian cooking class.  YUM!  
I hope you are all taking advantage of this fun contest.  Just submit your highest commented-on post from Feb to get started.  If you need help finding that, just let me know and I can dig through them for you. Let the Madness begin!! March Madness Contest Hello all!  March is upon us and for tho...
I was shocked, yes shocked to see that our 2nd highest social referral platform behind Facebook was Pinterest.  Not Twitter but Pinterest!?!? This should be a big eye-opener for us all.  You are doing an injustice to your posts and social sharing if you're excluding Pinterest from the mix.  Thous...
My crazy adorable nephew turned 3, how time flies!
Rainers are the best as we all know but what about those who don't?  I'm starting a new series and you're all invited.  Some amazing Rainers will be highlighted  through social cards that we'll create.  These cards will be blasted on our social outlets and within AR as well linking back to your p...
Spencer Rascoff of Zillow is in our office today.  I asked him what his favorite blogging community is and ACTIVERAIN was of course his answer!   
I've had one of the hardest weeks of my career.  Seeing some of the faces that used to pump me up every day gone is no easy task.  But guess what, as a result of the recent changes I am back in the 'Rain 100% and couldn't be more excited! ActiveRain is THE BEST and MOST AMAZING community of peopl...
My sister came by and dropped these beautiful tulips off for me the other day.  I just love a little piece of Spring in my dining room....can't come soon enough!  

Kerrie La Guardia

Let it Rain!
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