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4 Ways to Hater-Proof Your Home, Before You List It Re-blogged from Tara-Nicolle Nelson, Trulia, 1/23/13                     View RSS feed   close [x]   ThisIIn my experience, there’s one fundamental truth about haters: you can never fully escape them. The only way to live a 100% hater-free life ...
This article was published today in the Houston Association of REALTORS weekly newsletter. Just thought everyone might be interested to know what's in store for the 3.8% investement (including real estate) tax for 2013: "Top Ten Things You Need to Know About the 3.8% Investment Tax on Home Sales ...
I once worked with a buyer who had to fly to the other end of the world within a couple of days after we placed her offer. Needless to say, she was agitated and anxious about the prospect of being so far away during inspections and contingency removals, especially since I’d earlier stressed how i...
It’s easy to see the experience of buying or selling a home as an adversarial one: you vs. the people on the other side of the bargaining table, with one chess move by your opponent potentially costing you thousands of dollars. In my experience, though, the average real estate consumer’s biggest ...
(Great article found at   If you're selling your house, it's what's outside that counts. Prospective buyers can’t immediately see what's inside, but one thing they will notice right away is your landscape. That same landscape can ultimately spark a buyer's interest or se...
This article is right on the money. No pun intended! Home buyers and those re-financing their homes to take advantage of today's generational low interest rates need to read this.   "Everyone knows you’re supposed to be proactive and assertive when you take out a mortgage, carefully collecting an...
"We humans have a natural craving to simplify the complex. This same instinct, which explains why legends, films and fairytales from every culture tend to boil down to heroes vs. villains, also explains why so many buyers and sellers desperately seek rules of thumb for making the often scary, rar...
Re-blogged from Tara-Nicole Nelson, Trulia "My adventures in business of late have caused me to believe that, contrary to popular opinion, many entrepreneurs and companies are inspired to do what they do out of a passion for their customers. I'm also aware that the feeling is not always, or even ...
Re-blogged from Tara-Nicole Nelson, on Trulia Your home is the largest purchase you’ll ever make. So it might seem that emotional side effects like panic and fear are inevitable. But they’re not. You do have the power to manage your emotions and have a relatively blissed-out home buying experien...
  Many people in the market today are first-time home buyers who would not have been able to buy when home prices were higher. Enticed both by lower prices and bank promotions, these eager hopefuls are have taken the signs of deals as the best chance to make their first real estate move . While a...

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