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Where do the numbers come from to create my FICO score?  What is the highest FICO score possible? The numbers are pulled from the following sources: Payment History makes up 35% of your FICO score. Amounts Owed makes up 30% of your FICO score. Length of Credit History makes up 15% of your score. ...
The 30A condo market shows the following results in the area of Absorption Rate. FIGURING ABSORPTION RATE Total number of condos on the market today in Areas 17 and 18 which is basically the 30A corridor is 331 condos for sale.   Total number of condos that have sold in the last 30 days is 21.   ...
In Real Estate we are always coming across different websites of interest.  Here are a few of interest that I ran across recently. Hope you enjoy this month's selectioins. Kelly Klein Lifeguard Real Estate, Inc. Make the most exciti...
There are 43 listings that are either pending, contingent or already sold in Watercolor in the last six months.  Watercolor is located off of Hwy. 30A in Santa Rosa Beach and is one of the most popular neighborhoods along the 30A corridor.  These listings sit on the market for an average of 230 d...
I believe that an educated buyer is an empowered buyer.  I love to show the tools to my buyers to make them more empowered.  I provide to them the links, information, and resources that they need to make an educated decision.  I am committed to making them understand the local market and negotiat...
We as Realtors take a Code of Ethics course and swear to certain types of behavior as Realtors, but who can we complain to when we are abused by the general public?  Whose with me?  Good Lord, I am running into the most RUDE people lately who have no R E S P E C T for my time.  You know the ones ...
Homeownership offers lots of tax benefits WASHINGTON - Feb. 9, 2011 - Renting offers zero tax breaks, while buying a home has several tax benefits that make ownership more affordable. Real estate professionals, however, must be careful when providing detailed tax advice to clients to avoid lawsui...
In general in your State do the listing agents split fairly, meaning 50/50 with the selling agent or buyer's representative.  Who do you think works harder for the sale? Have you ever had an agent tell you that it is the company policy where they work?  Do you think they are really an independent...
Total Single Family Home Sales were up 18% for the month of Jnauary. 118 Homes Sold in Jan. 2011 compared to 100 in Janaury 2010. Total Condo and Townhome Sales  were up 21% for the month of January. 73 Condos and Townhomes sold in Jan. 2011 compared to 60 in Jan. 2010. Residential Lots are down ...
Total Single Family Homes were up 35.88% over Janaury of 2010. There were 178 homes that closed in January 2011 compared to 131 in January of 2010 in Okaloosa County. Condos and Townhomes were up 41.38% over January of 2010. There were 82 condos and townhomes that closed in the month of January c...

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