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This Blog is going to be about me making the decision to chase my dream, and make the changes in my life that are needed for me to be truly happy and successful.
  So I've been thinking a lot lately about all the things I'm doing for my real estate business.  Kinda going over the money that I'm spending and seeing what works and what doesn't. I am a new agent so I haven't really gotten fully off the bench as I work full time to support my wife and I.  A v...
There have been several instances in the last few months when after speaking with someone; I realize that their perception of what we do is not what I think it should be.   Our job is to work in the best interest of our client. (You)  This is everything from making sure you get the write price o...
   Last night I was at my parent's house enjoying our family dinner as we do every Sunday, when my phone rings. I didn't recognize the number but thought it may have something to do with real estate so I decided to answer. On the other end was a guy that said he was online and got my info and wan...
   Of course it is when there is politics to be discussed, but what about real estate? I think one of the reasons I have made several of my last career choices is because I see someone doing something terrible and think "I could do a better job"  Of course this hasn't always made my life easier e...
  Each year a group of friends and I decide to help out the Special Olympics.  It's called the Polar Bear Plunge. Name of the event pretty much says it all. We are going to jump into the Ohio River at the end of Feb and hope that we don't get Frost Bite lol. It's for a great cause and Louisville ...
   I have had a few debates over this and I haven't been in the market very long. "5 deals under my belt and a year has passed. "  The average house sale where I am is probably around $120,000 and it seems everyone is ranging from $500 to 1% of the purchase price. So far two of the offers I've wr...
   I recently had a real estate deal where I felt the communication was opportunistic to say the least. I started thinking about all types of communication and what would be the proper form/type of communication for different occasions. I don't exactly think that everything we do is "Time is of t...

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