Usually I have posted on a current Book Club book I have been reading but due to the holiday's and incliment weather we were on our own. So this is one I wouldn't normally pick. That is for sure.. but have to say I enjoyed. The title is" Wild Nights" by Joyce Carol Oates.        Stories about the...
                                  I grew up in the Puget Neighborhood. We actually lived at the top of Puget St. and I remember distinctly having to walk up "the hill" after school. That's ok, it was great exercise and everyone would walk home. We would be laughing, sharing stories of the day, pl...
Activerain has changed my profile but not me...I have a new little red ribbon, don't I feel special... cool features as for placement in the big picture, but this is the picture so far for 2009 I wasn't able to do my normal Polar Bear Dip this year :( Actually my kids weren't, I usually stay insi...
  Columbia neighborhood has always been on people's minds. As a realtor, many a buyer has had interest in this area. In fact, it is one of the most searched neighborhoods on our web site. I am wondering if it is the friendly lifestyle of the area. The school district is a walking district. Meanin...
Robert invited me to join the group and share a few photos. These wonderful photos were taken on the glorious winding road on the coast between Bellingham Washington and Bow Edidson Washington.   Photos were taken by my daughter, do not copy. Katharine Carey, Realtor, Buyertours Realty, Bellingha...
Chuckanut Drive in Bellingham Washington is one of my favorite places to go for a drive or to get away for the day. On in given day the beauty of the ocean and the northwest rainforest prevails. There are several places to visit, park & enjoy the view along the way.     If you want a little more ...
I wandered in the Library a few weeks ago to find a book to read, my book club had finished the latest and we are having a cookie exchange in lueu of our usual book. I found a new book called "Christmas Lights" by Christine Pisera Naman   It is a quick and inspirational read, the book begins with...
Does your family carry out a certain tradition or ritual? Do you know how important these simple little things are. It is something not necessarily routine but has more significance. It may be something simple or something more in depth but the matter of importance is still the same. I had a wond...

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