MANY BORROWERS WONDER WHY THEY MUST HAVE A MORTGAGE ESCROW ACCOUNT OR WHY THEY MUST PUT WHAT SEEMS LIKE EXTRA MONEY INTO IT UP FRONT.You account will start with a balance calculated to assure sufficient funds are available as each tax or insurance payment is made. This calculation is made by proj...
It's Tax Day today and who among us doesn't love a legitimate tax deduction? The IRS expects to process 138 million tax returns this year and accompanying those returns will be a melange of tax deduction requests.  Most will be run-of-the-mill including such staples as mortgage interest, vehicle ...
Shopping for low mortgage rates is a game of luck.  Some days, mortgage rates are favorable.  Other days, they're not.  And while you can sometimes make an educated guess about where rates might be headed, you're not always going to guess right. Even the experts get it wrong more often than they'...
April 4, 2009, marked the official start of the Making Home Affordable refinance program. Expected to help 5 million homeowners, the Making Home Affordable program "looks the other way" with respect to falling home values, approving mortgage applications based on borrower payment history and bene...
A report published Tuesday showed that home values fell nearly 3 percent in January 2009 versus the month prior and by 19 percent from last year. On the surface, data from the study looks like more bad news for housing.  With deeper inspection, though, we uncover reasons to discount the report's ...
With mortgage rates are hovering near all-time lows, lots of Americans are taking advantage of refinance and home buying opportunities.  The downside of today's unexpectedly-low rates, though, is that mortgage lenders are ill-equipped for the rush of new business.  As a result, the process of und...
The stock markets made strong gains last week but the mortgage markets barely moved in the wake of the Treasury's "toxic asset" plan.  After carving out wide trading ranges on ... Read More
Join my Rate Watch service and I will keep you updated weekely on where current rates are and how they compare to your current rate and program.  Never let another dip in rates pass you by.  Take action and save money! Click here to see a sample Rate Watch Report.  Click here to sign up, it's FREE!
Didn't think you could refi to a lower rate? The Obama Administration unveiled the final details of its "Making Home Affordable Program," which is designed to help up to 9 million American families refinance or modify their loans to a payment that is affordable now and into the future.One of the ...
First-time homebuyers who purchase homes from the start of the year until the end of November 2009 may be eligible for the lower of an $8,000 or 10% of the value of the home tax credit.  Click here to view a copy of IRS Tax Form. Got to my Squidoo pages to read more.

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