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I recently had a client, one of the best clients you could ask for...she had impeccable credit, good source of funds and money down, strong job, super lower debt to income ratio and returned everything we needed for a smooth submission to underwriting within 24 hours.  Perfect client!  We submit ...
Happy Thanksgiving week everyone!  So with this week being a very short one, I still have a few lengthly goals to accomplish this week.  I don't want to let my guard down because even though it won't be easy to get too many people to meet with me, I can put lots of good plans and strategies in pl...
Ok, so this is the first full week that I was able to work on my list and I'm very excited about what i've accomplished.  If I keep this up, I should be able to significantly increase my business and referral partners.  Check it out: Meet with one realtor and one title person this week  Done!!  I...
I was reading a blog from back in 2006 asking almost the same questions.  That is when the market was dramatically different and everyone you knew was either a Realtor or a Mortgage broker.  Now we have only the best left on both ends of the spectrum with Realtors and originators but I still stru...
When I sit down with an agent, I want to make sure the fit is mutual.  I look to see what their answers are to these questions, thanks to Bliss Sawyer and it helps me confirm if I truly want to do business with this agent or if I want to move on.  Check them out and let me know if you think there...
We are hearing more and more stories about Realtors, who were with one lender forever, but now they are gone.  What happened?  The lending industry has had tough times before but almost 70% of my competition dropped out in the past year.  That is a huge change.  The good news is that, in most cas...
This is excellent information about the option of assuming a mortgage.  He breaks it down very easily to understand the postives and the negatives of the process.  In the coming years, this will be something that more and more people will be interested in so good to understand now.    This past w...
Condos and town homes can be one of the hardest properties to financing in this market.  If you have a buyer that wants to purchase the property with less than 20% down, they have a couple options.  If they want to go FHA, they must make sure that the property is FHA approved.  Very few are, so k...
If you don't know, HVCC is the legislative program that took away the ability for lenders/ clients to order appraisals from appraisers that they knew or trusted, directly.  Basically this policy and its provisions are terminated.  Even though this policy is now history, both Fannie and Freddie ar...
If you are an agent that is spending your hard earned gas money and time on buyers before getting them pre-approved, STOP NOW!  As I previously wrote about, this is a LENDERS MARKET and the smallest issue could cause the loan not to close.  Save yourself some time and much needed gas for the buye...

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