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Katie Graham is a licensed real estate broker with Preferred Properties, LLC. She holds an active real estate license in the state of Colorado.
“Is this a safe neighborhood?”  A question I hear repeatedly from buyers.  Buyers wonder if there have been any breakins near by, stolen car reports or violent crime etc.  Some are concerned about sex offenders in the area as well.  These are questions your realtor may not be able to answer but t...
  Are you sick of the snow and want to plan fun things to do in Broomfield Colorado this summer? Whether it is an outdoor water park or an outdoor concert, it is "happening" in Broomfield.   The biggest snowstorm of the year has come and gone this weekend. However, we are bracing for yet another ...
Home equity lines of credit have been very popular in the last 10 years or so.  People found it a wiser financial decision to borrow against their home than to charge their credit cards and a good way to get some cash.  Banks were encouraging this behavior and advertising home equity lines of cre...
Grab your brewskies and beer brats for the first round of play off games.  The Green Bay Packers will be playing the Cardinals next week Sunday at 4:40 ET.  Just remember to grill your brats then simmer in 2/3 beer and 1/3 water (oh and throw an onion in).  Or is it simmer then grill?  That is th...
Good news for Denver's overall housing market show signs of improvement in the last couple of months.  However, the number of high end homes going into foreclosure is rising.  Obtaining financing in general is harder for buyers these days and even harder for buyers trying to qualify for jumbo loa...
Englewood based Village Homes filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in November 2009.  Since then 2 real estate companies have teamed up to buy Village Home's assets for $21.9 million.  The companies are Homebuilder Capital Solutions, an affiliate of Colorado and Santa Fe Real Estate and Low...
The Park Hill neighborhood has been ranked as one of the top 10 neighborhoods in the nation by The American Planning Association. The attraction of this neighborhood is no secret to my clients who have decided to purchase homes in Park Hill. Beautiful homes, a nice family community and a close pr...
Okay, time for a little Friday fun. I'm not a big basketball fan and I know that I'm running the risk of sounding sooo 10 day ago. I just ran across this video clip of a Kobe Bryant stunt. I'm not sure that this type of marketing is appropriate for kids. This is truely one of those "do not attemp...
How many times have you gone to show a house and been surprised by something? I'm often surprised by the things that a seller will leave out in their living room. Too many times I've seen drug paraphernalia, inappropriate "magazines", other junk, garbage, and even pet feces.In one instance I even...
According to this Wall Street Journal article, getting down to the "brass tacks" on actual foreclosure numbers can be difficult and different companies are using various methods for counting. I'm always hesitant to take numbers at face value without further analysis of who's doing the counting an...

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