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I don't know how things are across the country, but in my neck of the woods we're seeing a surge in rentals. On one hand, I understand there are people who, for a variety of reasons, can't yet afford to buy. but home prices are at historic lows, so on the other hand, it kind of surprises me that ...
For at least the last 6 years, I've watched the luxury home market get clobbered, but not all of it.  Sellers who continued to improve and maintain their homes, and those living in manageable homes did okay. It's the 10,000 sf and over market that continues to take big hits.  I understand that Re...
...famous last words.  Whenever potential clients tell me that, as we're sitting around the kitchen table discussing the market analysis I've meticulously prepared for them, I know what they're really saying is, "We can wait until we get our price."  Trying to convince Sellers that taking that st...
Just listed a wonderful, but very quirky home, in Wyckoff, NJ.  Only 2 bedrooms, but a beautiful Family Room addition with a WALK-IN fieldstone fireplace!!  AND a new Kitchen,  AND a pink Jacuzzi in the BEDROOM.  But, I digress.  The Seller was, of course, thrilled when the home sold $20k over th...
Brian Solis wrote an interesting article on GenY, and their tremendous impact on how business is done today.  Apparently, embedded in their genes is the desire and capability to grasp all things technological.  I watch in amazement as my 7-year old grandson's fingers fly across his IPad --- that'...
We all know how difficult it can be to fine reputable workmen for all varieties of upkeep, repair and maintenance.  My latest challenge was the swimming pool of two of my Franklin Lakes clients --- both luxury homes,  The first client was already using a pool company when she asked me to list her...
If I could share just one thing I've learned over the 23 years I've been a Realtor/Broker, it would be this: HAVE YOUR CLIENT'S SEPTIC INSPECTED BEFORE YOU LIST THE HOME!!" I am about to do an Open House on a property I (thankfully) haven't yet listed.  I waited until my clients agreed to have th...
I've done more articles on oil tank removal, in my monthly newsletter, than just about any topic I've addressed.  And yet, my own son-in-law just called me, absolutely frantic, to tell me he finally got around to having his tank removed, and there is evidence of oil spillage.  Apparently, the com...
The question I get asked most about real estate is, "Has the market hit bottom yet?"  While I can't speak for the rest of the country, I can say that towns in Northwest Bergen County, NJ have done far better during the economic collapse than other areas in New Jersey.  While Bergen County is anyt...
http://www.nytimes.com/2012/04/03/business/investors-are-looking-to-buy-homes-by-the-thousands.html?src=me&ref=business From the NY Times about investors storming the market. Good read.

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