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Erik Erikson of redstate.com is awesome.  I spend many hours in my car driving around Tallapoosa, Buchanan, Bremen, Carrollton, Villa Rica, Temple, Muscadine, Waco, and Fruithurst.  I look at foreclosures, I previewi, I do BPO'S, WSB AM 750 out of Atlanta, GA is my constant companion.  In the eve...
When is someone going to list this foreclosure in Tallapoosa, GA? It has been vacant for two years now, and the poor house is falling apart. At one time is was worth about $100,000...now, maybe it will bring $49,900. I have a cash buyer ready to go, but the original foreclosing bank said nothing ...
If you love the internet, just wait until the government gets their hands on it. If it's not broken, leave it to the government to totally mess it up.TODAY, DECEMBER 21, 2010, THE OBAMA FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION SUCCEEDED IN SOCIALIZING THE INTERNET. This isn't the first time that the gov...
When thinking about those home improvement and home repair projects, do the research and don't take on anything that could cause problems for you or your home.When Should I Call In A Professional For A Home Repair? Most homeowners like to turn as many home improvements as possible into a DIY proj...
Having problems making your house payment?  Bank of America is rolling out new programs that will hopefully make short sales easier for buyers, sellers, and agents.When I first heard that Bank of America was rolling out its "Cooperative Short Sale Program," I was under the impression that it was ...
Ga is on the list, the WRONG list...but if you are involved with real estate you already know this is true.  This article is good info to have. Image via Wikipedia Yahoo News recently published an article titled "The Eight States Running Out of Homebuyers".  (I know, I said 10... they say 8, but ...
Although we are still in the drab months of winter, spring will be here soon, and it's never too early to improve the curb appeal of a home you have for sale or are thinking of putting on the market this spring.  The following article has some great easy tips. Walk across the street and look at y...
This has nothing to do with Tallapoosa, GA real estate. Parts of GA were/are covered with ice. It has disrupted life for several days now. I ran out of tea bags, so I opened a gift tin with tea in silken filter bags. Solebury Home (r) Manhattan Latte Tea, and English Breakfast Tea...It was absolu...
Glenn offers very good insight into the act of negotiation.  Anyone buying a home can gain valuable insight into the fine art of negotiation by reading this. Glenn Roberts | Ravenna Park | My Seattle | Lake & Co Real Estate How Do You Negotiate? I got an email from a buyer a while back. I had met...
Is HAFA too good to be true?  I say yes.  I am working a short sale with Bank of America.  This is my first with BOA so I am a newbie, but I have worked hard to gain ss skills, and I thought all was great. The HAFA program was going to be great.  The homeowner would get relocation money, they wou...

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