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Hello Everyone! I am honored and pleased to announce that I will be speaking at Social Media @ The Beach event in Virginia Beach on January 23rd 2010. I will be in the presence of some really great people like Tina Merritt (NAR Technology Winner), Jeff Turner (Real Estate Shows) and Dakno Market...
Hello Everyone!  I know its been a while since my last blog post but with the tired cliche...I been super busy of course hehe :) So anyways  I am no longer in Virginia Beach, Virginia no more.  I have lived in Virginia off and on for almost my entire life, this is my hometown you might say. Well...
  Blog Action Day 2009 Topic: Climate Change (http://www.blogactionday.org/) I am continuing my tradition in helping contribute to Global Awareness through the power of bloggers uniting and writing my blog post. This years Topic is Climate Change.   What is Climate Change? Climate is the long-te...
  Last year I participated in Blog Action Day call to action regarding poverty in my post here. This year's topic is Climate Change and I think it's a good one because of all the horrible events that happened with the dangerous climate storms we had recently, especially with the flooding in Phil...
What is a Energy Efficient Mortgage? *FHA & VA Only* In simple terms, An Energy Efficient Mortgage is financing improvements for your Home that is Energy Efficient.  Becoming Energy Efficient reduces your monthly utility costs and can ultimately increase your home value. Below are some examples o...
  My 2cents on REBarcamp   Well I recently had the honor to actually attend a REBarcamp event here locally in Virginia Beach. Thank you so much to Tina Meritt and the rest of the volunteers that has helped make this happen. I have to admit I was a bit jealous witnessing all the Tweets, Blogs and...
  May is National High Blood Pressure Month Almost one-third of people with high blood pressure don’t even realize they have this potentially dangerous condition.  In fact, most people have high blood pressure for years going unnoticed. Having High Blood Pressure is often called the "Silent Kille...
  Keep It Super Simple K.I.S.S Sometimes we get caught up in our craft that we tend to forget our clients are not familiar with our short jargon or abbreviated sayings.   Nobody wants to feel they are being talked downed to making them feel dumb or clueless on the words and sayings we use on an e...
      May Is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Not many people know about May being Asian Pacific American Heritage Month (APAHM) even I didn't know until some one told me last week. Well here's to being cultured and learning... The whole month of May is to commemorate the contributions of pe...
  Don't Be Quick To Turndown a Loan Just last week a client was referred to me by reading one of my blog posts.  The reason he was searching for a local lender is because he tried to get approved in refinancing his mortgage from an 8% rate.  The lender he tried to go with did not even bother cal...

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