Does Youtube really help market your Property?We all want our property to be on the frontpage of Google. Heres a clue, Google OWNS Youtube. Heres a simple tip on how we can layout our youtube video to help market your property.  Descriptive titles and tags (keywords) are good for SEO (think about...
What are some common-sense questions you can ask a broker about mortgages?Ask all the following questions. A reputable broker will answer them for you in plain English.Question 1: Which type of loan is best for me?Any reputable lender will want to find out more about your situation so he or she ...
Be familiar with the 80-20 rule. As a general rule, all real estate agents should blog only about 20% of the sales and property information of the time. The other 80% should solely be based on news, information, and tips. By providing your followers with a lot of informative blogs, you’ll keep t...
Looking for the Best Mortgage Company in AZ? For nearly 10 years, we have been helping some of the best families achieve their dreams. Whether you are looking to finance a new home, make some home improvements, manage your debt, or reduce your mortgage payments, our professionals can help you sor...
Best Mortgage Interest Rate How to find the best mortgage company with the best rate for you? Here are 6 tips on how to find the best rates. 1.Establish a baseline. Start out by asking someone you trust for recommended lender so you can obtain credit scores and discuss your loan options. Your len...
We are a locally owned and operated Mortgage Broker. Our All Star Team helps home owners and Real Estate Agents market their properties above and beyond what is typical in order to sell property in record time and for top dollar. We also work with agents thru training, coaching, and cutting edge...
This beautiful 3 bedroom home for sale in Prescott, Arizona is now for sale. Dreaming for a golf lifestyle? You dont have to dream anymore. This 3 bedroom home for sale in Prescott is in the Prescott Lakes neighborhood subdivision and is conveniently located near a golf course. This property als...

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