Soul ties are formed by having a close-knit bond with another person. Someone that you send a lot of time with, you are very close to and are emotionally, spiritually, or physically intimate with. These spiritual and emotional bods can be very intense and lead to a number of good and bad emotions...
In order to grow your 4c hair faster and longer, you must use different protective styles. Especially with the harsh winter weather approaching, you want to make sure that your hair is protected.  And the truth is that there is not much you can do to increase the rate at which your hair is growin...
There is nothing worse than a breakup. Even once all love is lost, it can be hard to remove your ex from your life. Suddenly, someone that used to be so close becomes a distant acquaintance and all the fun memories become painful.  And if you still love them you may even find it difficult to let ...
Are you looking for advice on thinning natural hair? Then this post about how to stop 4c hair from breaking is for you.  Before my big chop in February I was very familiar with hair breakage and shedding. Whenever I would wash and comb my hair, I would lose so much hair.  This was due to excessiv...
If you are reading this then chances are that you are seeing a great guy, started investing in the relationship, but feel like it is all one-sided now.Maybe the chemistry you guys had is slowly fading away and everything you do just seems to make it worse.And you are asking yourself: Why is he no...

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