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Just another thing to be concerned about....The spotlight is on .Toyota today...what  about tomorrow ? The recall has been blasted over the news stations now for some time causing unrest among all Toyota car owners. I own a Toyota and did a search on information concerning car safety. Thanks to ...
you have not watched this video...be sure you do ...for the sake of a life.................     Well it is almost " Law "   The state house has approved a bill banning handheld cell phone use while driving both texting and talking. The bill passed 189-6 and now goes to the Senate for final approv...
To think a few months ago this was a magnificent rose garden...now asleep neath  a winters blanket of 18 inches of snow * Photo credit to Audrey Przybylski  
My cousin sent me this photo ...her sister's car in the one you can not see...to the left of the visible car....under 20 inches of snow at her condo in Alexandria Virginia   * Photo credit to Loraine Przybylski in Alexadria Va
There is something about the Old Barns across our country that stir up childhood memories in many of us.  The smell of fresh straw,  grain bins and  hay lofts, will never be experienced by the babies growing up today I remember the stables beneath the barn where the bigger than life draft horses ...
There is just something pure and serene about new fallen snow...a real wonderland. Western Pa woke up this morning in the dark.  no electricity  and cold.  We here in Pennsylvania many of our neighboring states are experiencing a major snow storm. The morning news stations are warning residents t...
http://activerain.com/blogsview/1437682/at-what-cost-is-that-cell-phone-call-the-stories-go-on-and-on- If you missed the above blog...this video clip deserves attention of its own.  It isn't easy to watch ...the stats are a wake up call..to at least be  careful.
Do you know this guy or gal?    An agent  from another office called to show one  of my listings. The homeowner ask if she could remain in the home during the showing.  The temps were below freezing .I said ." Sure  I'll tell the agent that  you will let her into the home and remain while the ho...
The earth shook and the innocent witnessed Hell on Earth. It is beyond understanding.....the suffering, the anguish, the torment.. crying innocent children, the masses in search for their loved ones. unbearable even to watch...let alone being the victims It brought back the horrific thoughts of 9...

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