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 "It's the Gold Medal of Real Estate ...the coveted " Market Share "......the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. I have a  Realtor friend who left a small company to join a very large ( in agent numbers ) company. She called to share with me " What a piece of cake this listings stuff is.....all...
I  dropped by to add my name rider to the sign on my new listing.  The seller met me outside to chat.  I said " I'm going to schedule your open house next Saturday, I have a family wedding to attend this Saturday"  He responded " Heck on the wedding. I need an open house so I can sell my house......
Sooner or later we are faced with the Face Book dilemma.....yeah I know it's  " where the party is ".  We have become bombarded with reworded comments of....I'm tired, I'm sick, I'm bored and  games games and more games.We smile as we discover  every hidden personality quirks our face book friend...
  Walked through a super market a while back and witnessed an incident that left me wondering about the attitude of the respect of our elderly in the work force. An older  ( obviously  once retired man ) had again joined the employee status of this super market. The older man went to price check ...
  June Lewis | Northwood Realty Services | jlewis@northwood.com | 724-730-4571 Box 43 New Bedford, New Bedford, PA Newer Modular on 1/2 block bsmt. newer 3331x22 double car garage + additional double garage..reduced from $125,000 to $89,900 for quick sale close to 3BR/2BA Single Family House offe...
Friends are  Like A Valentines. A friend is like a ValentineHeartwarming, bringing pleasure.Connected to good feelings,With memories to treasure.Seeing a special ValentineBrings happiness to stay;And that’s what you do, friend.You brighten every day!*By Joanna Fuchs
  The anticipated Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics in opening ceremony had to captivate the hearts of all the viewers. The parade of athletes from 80 countries who have experienced their dreams of this day... .they inspire..yes..with their dreams, their courage and their triumph and their passion....
**********Click full view to appreciate the photography************taken in Butler, Pa Make a Smilebox slideshow Once in a great while something comes along that is just exceptional and you want to share.   Thanks to my niece Donna Stutz Moser  who sent me a Smilebox show of our last week snow bl...
Winter cold got you down...here is a pick me up to make  you smile and shake your head with pure joy and amazement. There is something about this anthem that  always bring a tear to the eye and  pride about being as " American" And...when it comes from the mouth  of seven year old Anthony Gargiul...

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