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We have heard it..".like fingers scratching on a black board  "..that annoying little thing that pops up and you cringe ....or at least want to shout.......Who cares? There are times when my fellow friends and friends of friends,  on  (our ever so present ) Facebook News feed comment ....like so....
Just posted a blog about foreclosures and animal pets left behind in a vacant home. It isn't something we tolerate...the abuse or misfortune of a family pet. ... How the children must feel to leave part of the family, their pet, alone in a vacant house that no longer is the the family home. It is...
Even after a hot hot summer, Labor Day always brings a bag of mixed emotions......sad that the beautiful days of summer has ended but excited about the pending colorful days of Autumn and the joy of the holidays. Thought I would share two of my favorite photos of summer, both  taken at Spring Cre...
After seventeen years in Real Estate, I am never surprised at the conditions of the offers that come in on a listing for sale. Here is a little story... ..but...first keep in mind....the market in my area is down...houses have lost value.  I considered this in my CMA. The list price was on spot. ...
Foreclosures....what an impact they have had on us as Realtors. I had a  disturbing conversation with a fellow Realtor the other day addressing this virus that has infected our economy and our business.  Professional agents have  embraced the fact that working these foreclosures will add undue st...
                                                                               the beauty of it all
We have to  honestly admit ...when we see that little gold  " feature "star on our blogs we silently admit " great ...  well worth the effort."...but wait...now we take on the task of responding to all the comments..thanking them for the visit and their thoughts...Isn't it the thoughtful thing to...
Puzzles have always fascinated me...finding  puzzle pieces that fit together to form one complete picture takes time and patience but the  effort in the end result is rewarding Blogging is  like a puzzle. If finished the blog and it's COMMENTS can create a uniform well rounded instrument that pro...
" I am bringing in an offer " yes...it's music to the ears of the listing agent  I received that phone call the other day and yes I was thrilled ..not only because we have had the seller's condo on the market for a number of months but because it is being written up by one of my favorite agents.....
We learn from our mistakes  and those of others...don't we?  That's the importance of not only listening but understanding the needs of our customers. I received a call from a frustrated customer.  I went through the normal listening ..questioning session. We made the appointment to view the home...

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