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We had a Board of Realtors meeting Wednesday evening .  After our speaker finished his talk,  one of the Realtors ask for the floor..  Her voice was shaky, she was overwhelmed with emotion,  as she ask us to help support the fundraiser spaghetti dinner at a local church.  The little boy   is batt...
Wonderfull Old Covered Bridges...not many left ...This one at Spring Creek Park State College Pa    
  Reflecting on my 17 years in real estate I often thing how our industry has changed.   My first broker on the initial interview said to me two  statements that I had never forgotten.  He said to me.....    " You work much harder when you are new in Real Estate and the longer you are in the  bus...
And it's getting late...Where are you?       BTW  My clients dog actually waits by the  window.  She knows about what time her master gets home
    "Lilies of the field"  circle the Parish center   One of the many rose bushes.....Bright orange beauty    
Don't we at times become too relaxed about the dangers will face as Realtors. We are so trusting..thinking every one means well. I am often uncomfortable at open houses..there is something about  opening a door to a stranger.  Unlike meeting a customer at the office where information and customer...
Life is fragile handle with care.........   Those of you who have read my profile realize  I design Faberge style eggs.   If you are unfamiliar with  this craft, you take a simple ordinary egg whether it  be chicken, duck, goose emu, rhea or ostrich and turn it into an extraordinary piece of art....
     You gotta love it.........City of Champs....Third Stanley Cup      The Penguins ..against the defending Champions      Detroit  Red Wings .Hossa wanted a better chance at the       Stanley Cup...and what a roll-of the dice that was.                                     Don't you just wonder ...
On this Thankful Thursday, i could list pages and pages ( of course I am not going to do just that) of what I am Thankful for....saying all that...... I am thankful to God and that I believe if Him I am thankful for my family and loved ones I am thankful I live in this great country and for it's ...
It's a sure sign that summer is almost here, when our feathered friends return home.  Who doesn't enjoy the beauty of the chirping song of the birds. The awesomeness of nature..........Hope this is a source of refreshment for your Wednesday. "In all things of nature there is something of the mar...

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