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  Why the  covered bridges ?  First, it has been noted that it was to protect travelers from a rain storm or maybe a blizzard..there the bridges were a sign of a safe haven for anyone  near them. This is one of many photos that I have taken of " Spring Creek Park " in State College, Pennsylvania....
Hasn't it come beyond multi tasking ?  We have become absorbed  in busyness. Everyday  demands   steal time from future memories, that  never materialize Don't we need to take time to refresh, gather strength and appreciate our blessings and beauty that surrounds us ? People walk into  our lives ...
It is that time of year again New Castle celebrates it's annual Summer fest.  Downtown Mary Mother of Hope Church adds to the fun festivities along with a variety of food delights to please every appetite. Come on down.... enjoy the atmosphere and outside and inside seating.  Enjoy sharing time w...
the water can't be that cold...................  Photo taken at  Scotland Meadows Park in Union Townshio where next weeks Hot Air  Ballon Fest wil be held  
Am I the only one?   When I first noticed  " Wordless Wednesday "  " Speechless Thursday "  " Expressed with photos on AR "  " Inspired by photo "   " Great Shots" and many other of these groups that the focus on the visual, my first thought was what is this?  Is this a blog ....a form of written...
For those of you who have enjoyed our Northwood Office mascot  " Maggie Rose " She is the first grandchild of  " Grandma CE CE "  , one of our New Castle realtors... well....here is another gem. Little Maggie"s first trip  to Walmart.  Where does her  mommy and daddy take  her to the tool departm...
 " Make it a better place for you and me and the whole entire race.' This song is fitting for today.  I had floor today and mentioned to our office manager, that the phone will never ring today...millions of people are glued to the televisions and the Internet to witness the final goodbye to Mic...
Ever think back on how it was way  back when?   No doubt our industry is suffering through a change.  It will never be the real estate we once knew.......a person has to hold on to the thought.......               " it has to get better..and it has been worse ". The following is simply for entert...
Could it be that it is not what you want...... but what you already have?  A few thoughts to ponder from the wisdom of the ages. The video is a wonderful simple truth of life story ...a simple truth.... to give serious thought.  l "Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you may look back an...
Social networking ...a gathering place .. a favorite pit stop on the hectic speedway that we travel daily.We come together to share information, heart felt stories, personal experiences and humor.  We gather together seeking wisdom from friends who share the same struggles and challenges of life ...

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