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News and information on the real estate market in Plainfield and Naperville, IL, including information on foreclosures, short sales, rental properties, investment properties, and articles for first-time home buyers. Information on the site also includes local area attractions for dining, events, shopping, and news that affects the area.
  In the world of short sales, there are no rules.  Just trends.  Lots of them.  That change like the wind.  On a daily basis.  Without notice.  Sometimes on a whim…. Can you tell I’m frustrated?  I could certainly use other words, but that wouldn’t be nice. So before I get into this too deeply, ...
Now that the home buyer credit has expired for qualified buyers, those that missed out on the opportunity to get the credit will now be looking to save some money on the purchase of their new home. Short sales were overlooked during the frenzy to purchase a property before the credit expired beca...
  I'm a Realtor in Plainfield, Illinois. I specialize in short sales and foreclosures, so I'm no stranger to the aftermath that can be found within the confines of a former "home". I've seen some really destroyed places; sledge hammers to the walls, feces on the floors of every room, rotting food...
If you are planning on selling you home through a short sale, you might want to hold off on filing for a bankruptcy if you haven't already.  *As a disclaimer, I am not an attorney and I am not offering legal advice.* A bankruptcy halts all foreclosure proceedings until the bankruptcy is discharge...
This whole short sale business has my nerves on end.  I've got between 1 and 2 homes closing every month since I've filled the pipeline, but wow... I swear I learn something new every single time. I've been too busy to blog.  Not only is real estate keeping me busy, but I do have 5 young childre...
There are no guarantees when it comes to short sales, but I've got an excellent record of having my short sales get approved. I hire professionals to negotiate my short sales and work hard to make sure my sellers have the best opportunity to avoid having a foreclosure, and to keep from having the...
Time is running out in Plainfield IL for buyers to take advantage of the first time buyers tax credit of up to $8,000.  If you are a first time home buyer you need to close by November 30th, 2009.  This poses a big problem for buyers that are tangled up in short sales because there is no guarante...
  Ugh, I HATE short sales… and no, it’s not because of the all the extra paperwork or problems that come with the process.  It’s heartbreaking to see families have to leave their homes behind and start over. I have 5 kids, and because of what I do, I lay awake every night wondering what we would ...
There were 60 home sales in Joliet IL over the last 30 days.  Of those 60 homes that sold 43% of them were short sale or REO properties. The difference in the number between short sales and bank owned properties in Joliet IL is somewhat alarming.  40% of the homes were actual bank owned foreclosu...
The Plainfield IL home sales for the last 30 days from April 15th, 2009 through May 15th 2009 are now more than 50% short sales or foreclosure sales. That's great news for buyers... but it's bad news for the economy and the real estate market in general.  It means things aren't getting any better...

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