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Real Estate Agent - Integrity Real Estate Services 118 SE AVE N, Idabel, OK 74745 - 141871
Life in Southeast Oklahoma - The people, the places, events, ideas...we're a unique place. Let's talk about this great area that we live in. I love where I live, so let me share it with you.
Hibernating in the heat and the cold. When the temperature gets below 25° or above 90°, I am ready to stay indoors. Modern inventions and customizations of homes have allowed us to create indoor environments with controlled temperatures, down to the degree and other modern electronic gadgets and ...
There's More to Life Than.......?Yes, I know there's more to life than any one particular thing so I'm not picking on a particular life activity here.  Balance in our devotions and passions has always been ascribed as being the healthy way to life. BUT the balancing of the scales is different for...
Bad Deeds Now that blog post  title sounds like something that might be part of a bad joke where every bad deed that you ever did is some how stored in a file somewhere for the after life.  BUT the title is referring to deeds for land. Bad Deeds... Deeds that can't really convey a tract of land b...
Lullaby Video for Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren.  You'll find a variety of videos on my YouTube Channel.  Not a lot of videos but definitely a variety.  Recently while we were on the Gulf Coast at Surfside, Tx, we visited the State Operated Acquarium at Lake Jackson.  The Aquarium is free...
This morning while looking at the Beachfront Deck Bar & Grill Facebook page for a copy of their menu, I happened across a video shot by ABC Houston that had been shared to the restaurant's page.  I didn't watch it at that time, decided to come back and watch later.  I didn't even notice the date ...
Beachfront Deck Bar & Grill Surfside Tx ~ RV Trip to Surfside, FreePort, Galveston Tx ~ Post 2  As soon as we got the RV set up in our space #39 front and center looking at the gulf, we headed walked over to the Beachfront Deck Bar & Grill right in the RV Park. It was about 20 steps to the gate i...
SOLD 1322 SE QUINCY, IDABEL OK 74745 Integrity Real Estate Services Shortly after Chassy Eastep placed the "PENDING" rider on the sign in front of 1322 SE QUINCY, Idabel, OK, the calls started coming in..    "I wanted to look at 1322 SE Quincy, but I have been busy and didn't get around to callin...
Some Much Needed Time Away.... RV Trip to Surfside, Freeport, Galveston Texas - Post 1  Last week was a much needed recess from work. If you ask most children what their favorite part of school is, they often will say, "Recess!". Even though I enjoy my career choice, I'm still a child at heart mu...
The Actual One-Legged SeaGull  I watched him hop around on his one leg scouting the incoming salt water for yummy edibles..   A couple more seagulls landed close by, but not too close to gather up their breakfast too... but my one legged friend did not want them to there, so he flew to them and m...
New AR Group ~ Family Foto Friday ~ You are invited... Come Join in! Everyone has tons of family photos on their computers, phones, iPads... we put them on SD Cards, DVDs, CDs, and other media storage devices.   This is the place to post a family photo (and maybe you consider some folks as your f...

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