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UP FRONT CONTRACTS FACE TO FACE COLD CALL Purpose of intended meeting Get a dead files Define outcome of meeting What does customer want out of meeting What is expected of us What will we provide to customer Define customer agenda Define what we expect in meeting of prospect before and after Dat...
Has anyone used a webinar for a homebuyers seminar?  If so please provide some feedback on what you used and if it worked for you.     Thank You
UP FRONT CONTRACTS   Purpose of call Is to introduce you to MHS which is dedicated to helping consumers restore their credit, which may have been damaged by previous credit problems. Would you be interested in seeing how my company could increase sales between 10 to 20%.   Get the appointment Ja...
Have you had a client you can't get to respond try this email.   Good Morning Client,   I am sorry we were not able to meet yesterday.  Perhaps you’re not ready to undertake a move right now.  Perhaps you’re thinking about it for some time in the future.  If so, I understand.  May I make a sugges...
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Thomas 8200 Haverstick Rd., Suite 100 Indianapolis, IN 46240     Sellers Real Estate Market Update   Many sellers have been asking us about how the recent tragic events with all the uncertainties involved will affect the real estate market….   As you know, we are quite involved in...
My primary job is to meet with people who would consider allowing me to give them the keys to homeownership.  People I meet witch value the information we cover in our time together and will typically call and thank you for introducing a great resource to them.  I want you to let me know how I ca...
I use this 30-Second Commercial for calling on business in my community.  Adapt this to any situation.  It is better then just saying business is good. Hi Contact.  This is Jim Thomas. I'm with EASYstreet Realty.  Have I got you at a good time, Could I speak with you for a minute, (Sporting event...
(This article was published in RIS Media this morning, but without the links.  Thought you'd like the links to get places.)   8 News Ways to Get Leads   I decided that this week the best thing I could do for you would be to offer you new ways to acquire leads.  Hopefully, you'll get at least one ...
I just finished the book by Liz Lynch on Social Networking her blog is at the following location: http://blog.networkingexcellence.com/ You will want tro take her Social Networking test at no cost to see how you rank on your networking strategies. Her Twiiter page is http://twitter.com/liz_lynch ...
It is my understanding the Senate is working on a revision to the home buyers credit were you loan will be forgiven after 3 years.  Does anyone know were I would find a link to the language.

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