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I hear mortgage brokers say, "I'll sign up when they start doing more for me.  They should be more like the NAR is for their people."  To anyone that thinks this way I say: If everyone took your view on it NAMB would not exists at all.  NAR is able to step in and do bigger and better things becau...
Weirdly, tenants have to be trained to follow the rules or they will walk all over you.  Anyone that can't respect the rules is not someone that you want to keep as a tenant. It is important for Landlords to follow and enforce every part of the lease.  Landlords must not give one time waving of a...
Proper screening avoids a lot of problems.  I tell plenty of people that their application is denied.  It saves me a lot of problems later and protects my properties and the owners from expensive repairs.  It sounds harsh but I can't care about everyone's problems.  If they have to explain their ...
I've learned a few things about meth testing and there are some things people need to be careful of.  I'm a property manager in Utah and I've talked extensively with my attorney about Meth.  One major pit fall people get stuck in all the time is if you have a need to get a place inspected make su...
Currently in the Media, there has been a lot of information coming at me, as well as everyone else, about "evil subprime loans", mortgage fraud, foreclosures, and depreciating home values all causing a housing crisis that will destroy all life as we know it.  With all this negative information we...
With all the news going on about real estate lately, I have been asked, multiple times, if I am concerned about my real estate investments.  My answer is always no.  Utah is a great place to invest in real estate.  Currently Utah is the envy of the rest of the country.  The former Director of The...

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This is a forum for those of us that love real estate and love to invest in it. Please leave your comments, success stories and your not so successful stories. I'd like to see them all. If you have any questions about investing in real estate please ask.