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Interesting article on Inman News today. A Listing Agent, Jeff Sibbach,  wonders out loud if in a situation like the one he describes .... is the buyer's agent  "worth" the commission split they are collecting?  I can say I have seen quite a few listing agents that I didn't think "earned" the com...
When you discover someone has ripped off your blogging materials -- this is about how to file a DMCA Notice and have your  materials taken down off their website.  It is shattering when you find that someone has taken YOUR online blogging materials (photos, text, blog post, article, etc.) and rel...
The Short Answer is we have MORE Tools and BETTER Tools than Most Real Estate Agents A quick peek at the drop-down TOOLS menu on our website shows we have a whole slate of patented products that others simply do not have.They provide us the means to ATTRACT and  ENGAGE potential buyers and commun...
Interesting article in Inman News today about a recent Supreme Court ruling that threatens to make open house signs obsolete.  It has to do with municipality's sign code and their ability to regulate the signs based on content. Previously real estate enjoyed an exemption that may be now gone.   "...
Well, not exactly.  The wily and scheming fictional J.R. Ewing character in the “Dallas” TV series was reportedly modeled from the personality and misadventures of real life oil magnate H.L. Hunt, who built this River Oaks home for his new wife in 1939.  The story goes that when the home was comp...
Let’s do the math on this $2.7 million dollar home that may not have gotten the highest sale value … because of Paint? Staging?   Hmmm let’s take a look. This was a GORGEOUS listing on a corner lot in a highly desirable neighborhood .. immaculately maintained with large rooms, rear courtyard with...
Have you seen the 4-bottle wine dispenser designed for home use? or the Miele® Speed Oven? One of the things I really enjoy about working on new construction listings in the luxury market is seeing the "cool stuff" the builders put into their homes. Since these items are above my personal price-p...
This is one BIG Closet! 7 Rooms, not counting the Mirrored Dressing Room with Make-up Station and Shampoo Basin, the Exercise Room or the Sauna. This lady's large walk-in closet is in a home in River Oaks going onto the market in the $15M range. Believe it or not, this is not the largest lady's c...
Sherle Wagner's luxury bathrooms featuring hand-painted sinks with gold accents, gold-plated fixtures and semi-precious stones is legendary. Let's take a peek inside a home going onto the market in River Oaks with 10 baths/half-baths decorated with unmistakable Sherle Wagner  basins and fixtures....
Why did the Judge make the agent buy a new Corian® kitchen?  Because the listing agent advertised the home for sale as having Corian® countertops in the kitchen. Guess What?  They weren't. This happened back around 2003  / 2004 in Houston when I was first starting out.  A couple bought a home in ...

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