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I went to bed tonight at midnight knowing I had to finish some unfinished paperwork, but I was tired and beat I had a rough day nearly losing my laptop today and off to bed I went.  I reasoned hey I can get up early and get this work done tomorrow.  I am now sleeping with my laptop between my wif...
I made the most boneheaded move a person could make today! I forgot my laptop in front of Starbucks!   As we all know the laptop can be replaced the CONTENTS CANNOT!!I had no clue until my daughter innocently asked if she could use it to look something up on the internet!"Sure it's sitting on my ...
Imagine being born with no arms and no legs! Many of us, would probably curse God, give up, or have no reason for living.  I was introduced to Nick at our church service at Valencia Hills Community Church in Valencia, California.  Our pastor  "Mike" played this video clip of Nick Vujicic during t...
Where is Santa Clarita?  Well if your a fan of the television show "24" then you would have a harder time finding us here in Santa Clarita as we were nuked by terrorist in one of their recent episodes last season.  But let me be the first to tell you we are all just fine and last time I checked t...
Why is Santa Clarita one of the safest cities in this country. It is people like Rick Patterson of Owen Patterson and Owen and Anthony Zinnanti two local attorneys here in Santa Clarita who filed a restraining order to bar Jack Mcclellan from being within 10 yards of a minor child. Rick and Antho...
You may not know this but we have a celebrity here in Stevenson Ranch that has been living in Pico Canyon Park for over 4 years now.  She was forced to move and live at her present location.  She is one of the oldest nationally recognized celebrities I  know and she has lived here in Stevenson Ra...

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