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Welcome to my Blog. My name is Jean-Paul Peron. I'm a REALTOR® with The Outer Banks Real Estate Company. My wife and I built our dream home and moved to Carova, a 10 mile stretch of non comercialized beach with no paved roads and home to the Corolla Wild Horses. Carova is an nincorporated community in Cuttituck County in the extreme northeast corner of North Carolina. Its three main neighborhoods of Swan Beach, North Swan Beach, and Carova Beach can only be accessed by four-wheel drive, boat, or (if you want to splurge) by helicopter since there are no paved roads connecting Carova to neighboring Corolla of Virginia. There is actually a fence at the state line to keep the vehicles from crossing into Virginia. Living this far from civilization and this close to the ocean is a blessing that sometimes comes with a price. I will try my best to be share both sides of the coin. J-P



The Top 10 Lot Best Buys In Carova, NC MLS #64445     .34 acres     2391 Carova Rd. $49,900 5th Row Near the state line MLS#65244     .34 acres     2218 Teal Rd. $54,900 Backs up to woods MLS #61871     .34 acres     2087 Ocean Pearl Rd. $59,900 5th row Near Carova Beach Park MLS #64157     .38 ...
As we come closer to Memorial Day and the unofficial kick-off of Summer, it is good to be reminded that there are rules to follow even when you are on vacation. No matter where you are going, it is a good idea to find out what the local ordinances are. This will not insure the safety of your fami...
We ran out of the first batch of the 2010 tide charts in less than two months, and it's not even officially Summeryet. Anyone who has been to Carova, NC knows that driving conditions very with the tide. These tide charts are specific to the 4-Wheel Drive beaches of Carova and not the Oregon Inle...
That is a question that i am hearing a lot all along the Outer Banks. Although it may be too early to say with certainty, there are many signs that indicate that appreciation may be in the works in Carova. Here are some of the stats so far:   -The number of sales in Carova for the 1st Quarter of ...
  This blog rings so true to me. I always cringe when a buyer wants to shop by square footage. In my experience what is really important is knowing the size of the rooms, not the whole house. I have been in many 1,500 sq/ft houses that had larger bedrooms than some 2,000 sq/ft houses. Buyers need...
By now everyone is familiar with the Social Media game FourSquare which allows you to check in to different venues and to make suggestions on what to do there. This is great when you want to see where your friends are going,  or you at a restaurant & want to see if there are any recommendations. ...
                              Only a few more days to sign up at the early bird price of $20!! Surfside Scute 5K and Tiny Turtle Kids Fun Run SATURDAY MAY 22• Monteray Plaza   Register online at: or   Come support the Corolla community and your local lif...
2010 is showing to be a great year for real estate sales in Carova, NC.  First quarter sales are more than double what they wer for 2009. Here is a list what what has sold this past month. If you want want to see what have sold for the entire year you can go to my website at http://CarovaSolds.4...
Living Green – Spring Clean As spring settles in, the days get sunnier. Doesn't it feel like it’s time to open the windows and spruce up your living space with a little spring cleaning? In these rough financial times, we’re all looking to save a little green. However, for those of us who are try...
One of my favorite things to do in Corolla, NC during the summer is to visit the Whalhead Club at the Currituck Heritage Park. They have get events planned throughout the year, but their Summer Concerts are one of the best. Here is the schedule for this summer. I hope that you can find the time ...

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