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We love sharing tidbits about our lifestyle here in beautiful central Florida!
Sometimes we just need a little makeover.  Nothing drastic, but just a few small changes can give you a new outlook on life and your home.Have you been craving a fresh look for a room in your home but don't want to break the bank by purchasing new furniture and decor?Well, with a little creativit...
Have you considered illuminating your landscape?  Here are a few tips for planning and creating a beautiful and enjoyable landscape lighting plan for your home. Landscape lighting has the power to transform your outdoor space into a magical retreat, enhancing its beauty, safety, and functionality...
The Symbolic Meaning of a Cardinal's Visit: Messages from Beyond Have you ever been graced by the presence of a cardinal, its vibrant red plumage catching your eye amidst the greenery? For many, encountering this majestic bird goes beyond mere coincidence; it's perceived as a powerful message fro...
Orchids -The Exquisite Beauties of the Plant Kingdom Orchids, with their delicate blooms and stunning array of colors and shapes, have captivated human imagination for centuries. Revered for their elegance and diversity, orchids hold a special place in the hearts of botanists, gardeners, and flow...
Celebrating Maternal Love: A Brief History of Mother’s Day Mother’s Day, a day dedicated to honoring and celebrating mothers and motherhood, is celebrated in various forms and on different dates around the world. But how did this beloved holiday come to be? Let’s take a journey through history to...
Celebrating the Many Types of Mothers: A Tribute to Mother’s Day Mother’s Day is a time-honored tradition that celebrates the love, sacrifices, and unwavering support of maternal figures in our lives. While the term “mother” traditionally refers to a biological parent, the beauty of Mother’s Day ...
The Front Door Steals the Show...One of the fastest ways to sell your home, is to make sure your"Front Door Steals The Show". Joyce Marsh Interior Designer and Luxury Real Estate Specialist recommends that before you put up a For Sale Sign, there are steps you should take to make sure that your h...
Decorating with House Plants: Bringing Life to Your Living SpaceIn recent years, house plants have made a comeback as an essential element of interior design. Not only do they add aesthetic appeal to our homes, but they also offer numerous health benefits, from purifying the air to reducing stres...
Central Florida, known for its year-round sunshine and lush landscapes, undergoes a transformative spectacle during springtime. Unlike the rest of the country, we have our own unique spring.  The region's diverse ecosystems come alive with a burst of energy, offering an array of outdoor adventure...
Timeless Elegance: Creating an Old Money Look for Your Home Embracing the old money aesthetic in interior design is about cultivating a sense of timeless elegance and sophistication.  It's about blending classic elements with modern touches to create a space that exudes understated luxury and ref...

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