The term “C.A.M” stands for “Common Area Maintenance”, however this term is being widely used to describe the “NNN” additional rent that a Tenant must pay the Landlord to cover forProperty Taxes, Property Insurance and Property Maintenance. I strongly believe that the use of this term brings misi...
2021 CRE Startegy1. Get Educated. Take the CCP Certification Aand get a good grade2. Define youe Specialty and your Avatar3. Prospect your Avatars at least 2 hours per day4. Keep working in your "Presence" (Digigtal, Physical and Personal)5. Get in front (Virtual) of your clients and start closin...
                                                What is a CCP?It is a commercial certification to learn about the important concepts associated with the practice of commercial real estate.The CCP Program is an intensive class 25 hours, 5 hours per day and will be taught in five consecutive days f...
My humble analysis with the latest data, it is goig yo be a close race, but this projection indicates that Donald J. Trump will win with 278 electoral votes! I just wanted to share and by no means this is a political advertising for Donald Trump    
                                                                   Fondos están apostando por activos en dificultades antes de que entren en la etapa de liquidación por los Bancos. También miran a los activos de propietarios mayores de 60 años que desarrollaron portafolios interesantes y que ahor...
I'm happy to announce that my YouTube channel is up nd running. It has lots of videos for learning commercial rea estate as well as great advise and best practices in the commercial field.If you want to understand what is commercial related estate about, this is an excellent source.And the best o...
Este es un grupo de interés en el intercambio de mejores prácticas, proyecciones de los diferentes mercados de Bienes Raíces en México, tasas actuales de capitalización, rentas por m2 y retornos de inversión.Se incluye tambien el intercambio de referidos calificados entre los diferentes mercados, 
Programa de Certificación Comercial, PCC en vivo del 22 al 26 de Junio,Ahora más que nunca es fundamental capacitarse en Bienes Raíces Comerciales.BRC es un negocio financiero! Y requiere, a diferencia del Residencial de poca o ninguna presencia física ! Para inscribirse envien un email a info@th...
THE JM TEAM REPORT, DISRUPTION OF COVID-19 IN THE CRE INDUSTRY.  Project Development:Construction costs may increase as contractors will switch to national-USA steel rather than importing steel from China. This may be extended to other construction items of raw materials and will result not only ...
Tenant representation brokers are basically what they sound like; they handle the tenant side of commercial real estate transactions. Sometimes referred to as tenant advisory or corporate services, a tenant rep is there to assist companies and organizations throughout the entire leasing process, ...


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