This post is a "rerun", but in light of something I read and being reminded of this lesson I decided it was a good post for today.   I'll start by saying that I don't expect people to always agree with me.  I'm not silly enough to think my way is the best way for everyone, even when I know it's ...
Stand Out From the Crowd Become an Online Influencer Online influencers are usually someone who lives and breathes through their niche market social media accounts. They are the cool kids online who can and do often create new terms and phrases that influence the way the other part of the social...
Why Can't We Move In Early? After an escrow process that resembled more marathon than sprint, closing day is right around the corner. Alexandria, La home buyers will from time to time inquire if early move in is possible. After all, the apartment they were in let them in before the lease date, w...
Where do we go from here? A question often asked in difficult, unfamiliar, or trying times. The answer is important and the way you respond is very very important. Think before you speak or be aware that the fallout could be great. What is sometimes thought of as a casual conversation can often ...
After reading a post this morning written by Wanda Kubat-Nerdin titled “You’re Bullsitting Me, Right?!” I decided to share my thoughts. Whether one is a listing agent or a buyer’s agent, there are many who fight over money they haven’t earned.  What often happens is while they’re fighting, the c...
 RE/MAX brokers out there, is anyone attending the Summer Broker Owner Convention in Chicago? It would be lots of fun and networking. If you have not registered as yet you can do it at the site, don't miss this opportunity.     
Dare I go there?  My answer would be no to that question. First of all, put yourself into the shoes of consumer. If you were looking for an agent and you happened to say find a listing that was posted and you dug a little deeper into that blog and found listing after listing after listing. You f...
Mr. and Mrs. Seller, you need to learn to say “no.”  When a buyer makes an offer on your home, and that offer includes some of the excluded items,  the answer should be “no” to the thought of including them in the sale.  We all know how exciting it is to receive an offer within the first few day...
INSTAGRAM IN SOCIAL MEDIA IT'S one of the hottest social media platforms out there! Realtors are using to post Open House photos and Listing photos and local park nearby photo. So, if you haven't already open an account today. IT IS FREE! And post your handle/username here so we can FOLLOW YOU! ...
Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS®)What is GICS? The Global Industry Classification Standard was created by MSCI and Standard & Poor’s in 1999 and is a four-tired, hierarchical classification system for listed equities worldwide. As a widely accepted global standard, GICS provides a s...


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