Fondos están apostando por activos en dificultades antes de que entren en la etapa de liquidación por los Bancos. También miran a los activos de propietarios mayores de 60 años que desarrollaron portafolios interesantes y que ahor...
I'm happy to announce that my YouTube channel is up nd running. It has lots of videos for learning commercial rea estate as well as great advise and best practices in the commercial field.If you want to understand what is commercial related estate about, this is an excellent source.And the best o...
THE JM TEAM REPORT, DISRUPTION OF COVID-19 IN THE CRE INDUSTRY.  Project Development:Construction costs may increase as contractors will switch to national-USA steel rather than importing steel from China. This may be extended to other construction items of raw materials and will result not only ...
Tenant representation brokers are basically what they sound like; they handle the tenant side of commercial real estate transactions. Sometimes referred to as tenant advisory or corporate services, a tenant rep is there to assist companies and organizations throughout the entire leasing process, ...
What’s Landlord Representation It is providing services for asset management and leasing commercial property from an ownerperspective. THE JM TEAM counts with specialists working in the Landlord Representation business who, negotiated and closed important rental agreements on behalf of owners pro...
Educar a los clientes potenciales es una labor constante y muy importante. Hay que enseñarles la importancia de su Inversión, Venta y Arrendamiento de una PROPIEDAD COMERCIAL. Voy a emplear un par de analogías como ilustración: Si como empresario o persona física recibo una demanda legal, lo más ...
In the CRE practice we must think like a farmer and work like a Hunter. The Farmer style would make you seeding in a strategic way and harvesting, and having inventory for the years to come. The Hunter style would make you be aggressive and bring that food right away, in other words represents th...
Close to 1500 real estate agents from Chile, Peri, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Mexcio and USA, have graduated from our PCC Certification Program in Commercial Real Estate. 
What Glocal means? It is easy, is the combination of two words: "Global" ands "Local". For a full commercial real estate brokerage is of the utmost importance to count with a local market knowledge and the support of a "True" Global Network. THE JM TEAM is affiliated to an extensive network of su...
Relationships are extremately important when you practice commercial real estate, they help you open that door to have the opportunity to present your services, your expertise and to bring solutions.However once you get in, you need to have the knowledge to be able to offer the services to provid...


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