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  As a homeowner, you can use a number of landscaping design tips to make your house look just as polished on the outside as it does on the inside.    Create a Path    One of the first things that a guest will notice as they walk up to your home is whether or not there is a defined path.  Instea...
Showing your home is essential in the real estate business.  After all, who would purchase a property sight unseen?  When a potential buyer stops in, here are 10 recommended tips to follow when showing your home: Tip # 1: Welcome Your Buyers If you are still living in the home while it's being s...
   Flowers are used for many purposes, including landscaping, weddings, gifts and even to decorate the interior of your home.  Because they are colorful, beautiful and an affordable way to decorate, flowers can help bring an otherwise dull room to life.   Silk vs. Real   Whether or not you choos...
An open house is one way that REALTORS® attempt to expose a home to multiple buyers at once.  Not only is an open house designed to market the home in a way that differs from a simple listing, but it also opens the door for competitive offers as more than one buyer could potentially fall in love...
Unclutter Your Home in 10 Easy Steps Clutter, which is defined as things that lie about untidily, is often linked to creativity.  So, just how much imagination will it take to tidy up your space?  To be exact, you can make it happen in 10 easy steps. Step # 1: Set a Schedule You are much more li...
On behalf of all you Memphis fans out there, I just want to say a great big.... Go Tigers!!!!
Shopping for the Best Home Loan Finding the perfect home is a task, but shopping for the best home loan can be even more tedious.  With so many lenders promising low rates, closing costs and little or no down payment requirements, it's often difficult to know which way to turn.  Luckily, there a...
Marketing Tips: How to Sell Your Home If you want potential home buyers to fall in love with your house, they first have to know it's for sale.  This is where a strong marketing plan comes into play, which not only publicizes your property but gives people a preview of your home before they get ...
The Importance of Leaving Feedback It's just good manners.  When we're showing property to buyers, it would do us all good to remember we are not merely showing property, we're showing someone's home.  Chances are, the owners of tha thome  spent a lot of time getting it ready and they've accommo...
Choosing the Right Listing Agreement When listing your home with a REALTOR®, you will be required to sign an agreement.  This document will outline all of the agreed upon terms, including the asking price of the property, the REALTOR'S® commission, length of the agreement, cancellation policy (i...

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