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My blog is intended to be a resource where one can learn about the City of Prescott, The Towns of Prescott Valley, Chino Valley and Dewey-Humboldt. John also works recreational "aka Bug-Out properties" such as forested land and cabins in Ash Fork and the Juniper Mountains near Seligman, AZ.



I recently purchased a new (to me) Dell Vostro 1500 laptop running Windows 7 Ultimate. The guy I bought it from was a "tinkerer" who was mostly hardware-oriented. He had stripped it to the operating system with very few of the free demonstration software applications. I bought it 4 months ago but...
A friend sent me this article and I believe it worthy of posting to Active Rain. We do not have a lot of people in the construction industry that relate as well to real estate issues. Sometimes people have to be forced to take responsibility for their own actions. The culprits in this anecdote ma...
Cold Warrior, aka Dan Schultz makes a three minute speech on the reason to become a Precinct Committeeman.     Here is a photo that shows a button proclaiming a victory of the Precinct Project here in Arizona. Conservatives in Arizona do run the Republican Party here!
This material from Tom Jenney is the best explanation that I have seen relating to Senate Bill 1593 and the effect it will have on health insurance costs in Arizona. I am posting the complete article because Tom has written this thoroughly and completely and I do not want to skip anything importa...
I have several listings in the area of Seligman, Arizona and make the trip from my home in Prescott Valley. These listings are a total change of pace for me and my opportunity to get out of the office. There are wild burros in the area. The area near Prescott and places in northern Arizona have a...
Have you been paying attention to what NAR wants to do?  There is a webinar today and quite a lot of activity to try to get us to go along with their plans. I made a post in 2008 regarding NAR and what I consider to be ethics violations. I studied the power point presentation that explains what t...
A friend sent me this video. I think it is worth sharing. Please view the video.   The thing that struck me about this video is the power of expressing an idea from a positive sense. The first message conveyed the "o pitty me and help me." The re-written message had a positive sense about it. Rec...
These two websites are fake TEA Party organizations. They use the momentum of the TEA Party movement to collect donations and then they sell the information from the unsuspecting people that donate to their websites. From what I understand, they have taken in close to $300,000 in donations and pa...
The following is a summary of my meeting with Dr. Paul Gosar on Saturday, March 19, 2011. I had an exciting morning today. Our newly-elected CD1 Congressman, Dr. Paul Gosar held "office hours" this morning. I went, signed in and had five minutes with Dr.Gosar. I mentioned our TEA Party victory a...
I sometimes find it frustrating to have a blog post that I have formatted somewhere else and have it converted to plain text as I paste it into my Active Rain Blog. I realize that there are some risks, but I don't think it would be an extreme challenge for some of your Active Rain Developers to s...

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