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I have inspected many foreclosure properties over the past year.  Unfortunately, too many scheduled foreclosure inspections are postponed and re-scheduled because the utilities have been turned off by the bank. This is becoming a very big problem for all involved parties. Trying to get the homes ...
I am a licensed Maryland home inspector and a Level 1 thermographer. A thermographer is a qualified person who uses an infrared imager.  My Level 1 certification was awarded following a one week training course at Infraspection Institute located in New Jersey.  All of my home inspections now incl...
Infrared scans of interior ceiling and wall surfaces are now included with all of my home inspections. The imager is an amazing tool with proper training. I completed a 32 hour on site Level 1 thermographer training course in April. With the imager, I have already discovered several hidden water ...
I plan to begin offering thermal imaging services by May 1st. The infra red imager is an amazing tool, your clients will be very impressed with the capabilities of this technology. We plan to include a limited scan of interior surfaces with the home inspection. Exterior wall scans and energy eval...
I realize there is some resistance to pre-listing home inspections. However, when you consider the current market conditions, listing agents may want to consider a "different approach".  As a member of the Inter National Association of Certified Home Inspectors, I have access to their pre-listing...
The Baltimore County rental inspection registration deadline is Jan. 1, 2009. AIM Home Inspection, Inc. provides the required property inspection and documentation for a very reasonable fee. Call 410-893-1218 to schedule your inspection. Additional information available @ www.baltocountyrentalins...
The quality of the home inspection report is a very important consideration when choosing or recommending a home inspector. The now old hand written checkbox style report without photographs is not nearly as effective as a well written narrative computer based report with digital photos. I utiliz...
Just released my new web site. We offer home inspection services in the Baltimore area. Please browse the site and offer any opinions. Thank you. John Evans    
AIM Home Inspection, Inc. provides complete home inspection services for Maryland home buyers and sellers. Our inspections are very detailed and the report is computer based with digital photos. The report is uploaded to a password protected web site the same day. Radon and lead testing is also a...
Welcome to Maryland!  AIM Home Inspection, Inc. is offering a $25.00 discount to all BRAC related relocations to Maryland. We provide comprehensive home inspection services including Radon testing with an electronic monitor. Oue reporting system is the very best available, uploaded to a password ...

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