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Over dinner recently I heard a story about a woman who had done everything right to prepare real estate to sell fast. This story happened in VA but it could have happened with Dunkirk, MD real estate or Las Vegas real estate or anywhere in the country. The woman went through a divorce and she got...
  Selling Maryland real estate involves a number of subject that people take in school--math and finance (to understand crunching the numbers), art (to see the big picture), language arts (to communicate effectively with clients and then sell properties to buyers) and finally psychology.   As a t...
  These days a number of people who want to buy Maryland real estate are not looking to get into a home and the sell it in a few years. Instead, they are looking for a home that is in a neighborhood where they can see themselves spending a decade or more. People are looking at real estate as an ...
If you have gotten to the point where you are contemplating foreclosure, you will need an experienced top Maryland real estate agent [] to help. The same is true if you think you want to buy foreclosed Maryland property [
While you may think that no one knows your home like you do and no one can show off all of its unique features like you can, you do not want to present for an open house. As an experienced Maryland real estate agent, I can tell you that having the owner there is likely to make a prospective buyer...
It is certainly not good to have a property languish on the market unsold. As a Maryland real estate agent, I work hard to get my clients' properties sold before that happens. One of the ways to accomplish this is to be certain to market Annapolis real estate and other Maryland properties aggres...
People talk about how we are used to having things ready in an instant and you may not think about it much, but a "microwave mentality" applies when you want to sell Maryland real estate  as much as it applies anywhere else. The desire to have things ready rather quickly is a good reason for you...
One of the best ways to get a house sold quickly is to make sure that the price is right. Sometimes people can do many other things right--including fixing flaws and picking the time of year when most people in their area are house hunting--but if the price is too high, they may not get much inte...
how you should hold title to your new home? How you hold title to property can have a big impact later. There are more and more people buying homes with friends, relatives, co-workers and investors. Before you go to settlement you will need to know how you are going to hold title with the other p...
Pricing your home to sell fast for more This video/slide show was developed to help you sell your home fast in today's buyer's market.  In order to sell fast for more, sellers must participate in the preparation and pricing aspect of the home selling process. Many sellers ask me to price their ho...

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